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MS can require some lifestyle changes.  Diet and exercise are paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Patients may face issues with heat sensitivity, fatigue or difficulty walking as a product of MS; lifestyle changes must be made to accommodate.  Related conditions, such as psychological diseases like depression or anxiety disorders, will also mandate lifestyles changes.  Be sure not to overlook MS as a condition - both in its own right and what changes it may require from the rest of your life.

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Adaptive Tools

Multiple Sclerosis hampers your mobility. Adaptive tools will help you live with your Multiple Sclerosis. What may have…

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Cognitive Issues

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects cognitive functioning in addition to mobility. Cognitive symptoms of MS include trouble with memory, concentration,…

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Costs and Insurance

Multiple Sclerosis is an expensive disease. The costs of living with a chronic disease are high with medication, co-payments, and multiple types of treatment. The cost of MS…

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Proper diet will not replace medications for treating multiple sclerosis, but eating properly can be a supplemental therapy. Sugars, dairy and gluten, among other things, can…

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Multiple sclerosis takes a toll on the body, so it is important to help your body in any way you can. Exercise is therefore key as it strengthens your body while making it…

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Fatigue is the most common, and often one of the most bothersome, symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Fatigue can keep people away from their work and other activities. Fatigue…

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Heat Sensitivity

People living with multiple sclerosis are subject to extreme heat sensitivity. When body temperature rises too high, MS symptoms are triggered to an exaggerated degree. Lying…

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Mobility Issues

When someone mentions multiple sclerosis, the first thought may be a person in a wheelchair.  Though mobility issues are still tied to MS, a wheelchair is not a foregone…

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MS and Anxiety

According to studies, anxiety disorders are more common in multiple sclerosis patients than in the general population.  Unfortunately, these disorders are frequently…

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MS and Depression

Depression has become a widely known and, though sometimes misunderstood, it is quite common among the general population.  The rate of clinical depression, the most…

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Is multiple sclerosis painful?  Unfortunatey, yes.  Pain related to MS can include musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain and tertiary pain.  Despite pain from…

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Related Conditions

Even though multiple sclerosis is a serious and time-consuming condition to live with, having MS does not mean you are immune from other sicknesses. Unfortunately, it is…

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Sleep Issues

Sleep disorders are quite common among those living with multiple sclerosis. The sleep issues range from sleep apnea because…

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Social Issues

MS is a tough and trying condition, only made more difficult by the social issues that accompany the medical and emotional ones. There can be a social stigmatism about MS due…

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Multiple sclerosis symptoms can flare up at any time and therefore it is important to be prepared when traveling with MS. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so…

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