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Heat Sensitivity

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People living with multiple sclerosis are subject to extreme heat sensitivity. When body temperature rises too high, MS symptoms are triggered to an exaggerated degree. Lying in the sun, taking a hot shower or sitting in a hot tub sound relaxing, but can result in a temporary flare up of symptoms. While there is usually no lasting nerve damage, it is still a painful and frightening experience. Awareness and taking care of oneself are the first, and main, steps in dealing with heat sensitivity.   

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Heat sensitivity is a popular topic in the summer months, especially when you have multiple sclerosis.  It has been a popular topic on my mind as of late with temperatures reaching 103°F with heat index values between 110°F and 115°F.   What is heat index?   The heat index, or “apparent temperature,” is a measure of how hot is truly…

Heat Sensitivity
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