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Even though multiple sclerosis is a serious and time-consuming condition to live with, having MS does not mean you are immune from other sicknesses. Unfortunately, it is still possible to get anything from a cold to cancer and therefore it is very important to keep up with regular doctor check-ups in addition to MS related appointments. MS is also correlated with a few related conditions including sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders.

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One test which my neurologist, opthalmologist, and primary care doctor each conduct during every office visit is the “swinging flashlight test.”  You know the one.  The doctor asks you to look ahead then shines a penlight first toward one eye, then the other, alternating quickly to observe your pupils’ response to…

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered anyone else with MS have excessive… Alexcarli, if you have a related question, you can ask it separately by…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered Is it possible to have MS and RA? Hi Aurelia, When you have both MS and RA, it is important to get both diseases…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered could you have multiple sclerosis and… Hi lavaccar, Although extremely rare, it is possible to have multiple…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, commented on zapped21 Hi Marot,   I don't know what might be causing your tremor sensations.  Although MS has been ruled…




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