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Even though multiple sclerosis is a serious and time-consuming condition to live with, having MS does not mean you are immune from other sicknesses. Unfortunately, it is still possible to get anything from a cold to cancer and therefore it is very important to keep up with regular doctor check-ups in addition to MS related appointments. MS is also correlated with a few related conditions including sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders.

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Hey, ladies.  Good news.  Menopause does not appear to affect the clinical course of multiple sclerosis, according to Riley Bove, MD, a research fellow at the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  Members of the MS community have frequently discussed the impact of hormonal changes…

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gretelgirl, Community Member, answered Can MS cause attacks of coughing and… Hello,  I also have swallowing problems which cause me to cough and…


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