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Alternative Treatment

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About 60 percent of all MS patients will try an alternative treatment at some point. Some of these methods include acupuncture, relaxation and meditation, supplements and others.  The benefits of these treatments are measured by experts as slim and may even cause harm to some patients.

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Multiple sclerosis, with its relapsing/remitting nature, symptoms which are difficult to pinpoint and extreme variation from patient to patient, encourages misconceptions and myths. One particularly cruel myth is the MS “cure”. Well-intentioned people routinely litter my inbox with emails informing me of the reason I have MS and how…

Alternative Treatment
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Vicki, Health Guide, answered Acupunture and spasticity Hi Kim, You are right about the changes, and about the needles for disease modufying…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered Is rest going to help my flare-up? Hi Callie,   I honestly can't speak about LDN because I haven't used it nor…


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