Sunday, July 05, 2015

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My Odd Sock

My Odd Sock, Health Guide

Living with MS since 1996

Alternative MS Treatments:The Buzz About Bees

Apitherapy.  Bee stings.  Bee Venom therapy.  Call it what you want.  Some even call it "crazy!"

Truth is, many patients with multiple... Read moreChevron


Steve, Health Guide

52 year old male now an active triathlete

Multiple Sclerosis and the Power of Positive Thinking

I know the title of this SharePost seems a bit clichéd, but if you have read any of my previous articles then you will know how important optimism and a positive sense of control is in the overall portfolio of remedies for MS that I employ. 


Let me share with you an experience I had this summer that may seem a bit difficult... Read moreChevron

Merely Me

Merely Me, Health Guide

I am a mother, a writer, and now an MS patient

Full Circle

As I write this I am thinking about the first time I posted on this site.  I had MS for a little over a year and was writing about my experiences on my personal blog. I was so grateful for the help and information I had received that I wanted to give back.  And my writing was a way to do that.  I joined Health Central in the late... Read moreChevron

Lisa Emrich

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide

MS and RA Expert here at HealthCentral

The Week in Review, May 22, 2009

Hello all MSCentral community members.  This is Lisa Emrich here asking for your opinion on the following post.  Sorry for any confusion, but I am the same Lisa you know, just having technical difficulties with my regular account.
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Mandy Crest

Mandy Crest, Health Guide


The "MS Hug" Demystified

Suddenly you feel an intense tightening around your chest, along with pain and a burning sensation. You clutch your chest, awash in fear.


If you have never had this experience before, you wonder... is this a heart attack... a Read moreChevron