Monday, May 02, 2016

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Merely Me

Merely Me, Health Guide

Freelance Writer who suffers from Anxiety and Depression

Birth Control and Politics: The Power of the Pill at the Polls

Okay so we know that abortion is a divisive topic among politicians and voters. There is no surprise about that. But birth control? Really? Is it just me or is the recent political... Read moreChevron

Dr. Kantor

Dr. Kantor, Health Guide


Who Is at Risk for PML?

While PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) sounds scary, advances are being made in its diagnosis and treatment.

The first question is: who is at risk to get PML? The JC virus that causes PML is a common virus that many of us have had since childhood without even knowing it. Most people (with healthy immune systems) don't... Read moreChevron

Dr. Zachary Ward

Dr. Zachary Ward, Health Guide

I am a father of four, an amateur chef, and an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. I bring open ears and a different perspective.

Professional Football and Traumatic Brain Injury Changing the Way We Think of MS

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) doesn't sound like a hidden health problem. The name alone gives us vivid images of war explosions, head wounds, and extended hospital stays. But a long-brewing discussion about concussion in the National Football League (NFL) is... Read moreChevron

My Odd Sock

My Odd Sock, Health Guide

Living with MS since 1996

Alternative MS Treatments:The Buzz About Bees

Apitherapy.  Bee stings.  Bee Venom therapy.  Call it what you want.  Some even call it "crazy!"

Truth is, many patients with multiple... Read moreChevron


Steve, Health Guide

52 year old male now an active triathlete

Multiple Sclerosis and the Power of Positive Thinking

I know the title of this SharePost seems a bit clichéd, but if you have read any of my previous articles then you will know how important optimism and a positive sense of control is in the overall portfolio of remedies for MS that I employ. 


Let me share with you an experience I had this summer that may seem a bit difficult... Read moreChevron