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Q: I have been having muscle spasms & cramps in my feet & legs. Is this because of MS?

I am a 57 y/o female & I was diagnosed around age 42. I have had cramping & muscle spasms in my feet for several months now on a weekly basis.

I forgot to mention it to my doctor at my appointment in October.

Thanks for your help,  Margaret Owens

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
11/22/08 2:24am

Hi Margaret,


I've also had cramping and spasms in my legs and feet.  It has been lessened tremendously by using Baclofen.  This would be something which you could call your doctor about.  He/she may want to see you to evaluate the situation.  In the meantime, make sure that you are getting enough potassium in your diet.


Hope you feel better soon.

grammy911, Community Member
5/24/09 8:55am

I have been taking a potassium supplement & I also make sure I get it in my diet. That has helped the spasms in my legs but I still have them in my feet. I will call the doctor & let him know. I didn't know if this would be related to MS..Thanks

KatieS, Community Member
11/27/08 10:52am

Hi Margaret,


I am 35 and have had MS for about 10 years now.  I have had cramping and muscle spasms in my legs and feet almost that whole time.  It can definitely be related to MS.  I have found that massage, magnets (yes, I did say magnets, when the spasms are really bad they are the only thing that works) and a medication called tizanidine work for me. (The Baclofen didn't quite do the trick for me but my spasms are really bad so maybe that's why I needed something different).


Have a wonderful thanksgiving!


grammy911, Community Member
5/24/09 8:56am

Where do you put the magnets on the feet? That is where I am having the cramps the most since I started taking a potassium supplement.

Chuck, Community Member
8/ 2/11 12:55pm

Have you tried Quellitall for the cramps?

gailann cioffi, Community Member
11/27/08 10:32pm

hi i am a 55 y/o female who was diagnosed with MS at 42 years old. The cramps and muscle spasms that you have in your feet are very very normal for this disease.i use a medication caused Zanaflex which is very good. Next time when you see your DR you could mention this med or just call him on the phone if he has just seen you it should not be a problem.  Good Luck!!!

Merely Me, Health Guide
12/ 3/08 3:13pm



Just wanted to add that I also have this MS symptom and it can be downright painful.  I find that what helps me the most are some gentle stretches of the muscle groups affected.  If I don't stretch then the spasms are a lot worse. 


When I was having a particularly bad episode of spasticity (it was so bad I went for an EEG as my movements resembled convulsions) I was given oral prednisone which greatly helped to minimize this symptom. 


Health Central has quite a bit of information about spasticity including medications one can use and you can find that information here. 


You can also find useful tips and suggestions regarding spasticity from the National MS Society.  Here is a link to that information.


I hope this helps some and I thank you for your question.

SunnyMS, Community Member
12/ 5/08 5:07pm

I am 44 and was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago.  I started developing those involuntary spasms in my legs and feet a few years ago.  It matches the description I've seen on commercials for Restless Leg Syndrome, in my case.  I take medication for it from my Neurologist.   I cannot remember the name of it, but will get back on here and let you know when I find out.  It is not the meds that others have mentioned to you.   The medicine helps me a great deal and I only take it at night before bed.


I hope you find some answers on this at your Dr.  You may want to read about Restless Leg Syndrome on the internet and see what you find out.  

Best wishes!  Merry Christmas!!


RFinCA, Community Member
5/23/09 1:30pm


If this helps just one person I'll be happy. I began getting cramps in my legs and feet years ago, I've tried drinking more water, stretching, and taking supplements such as calcium and potassium. Nothing seemed to work, and the pain was getting excruciating. At night my feet would go into such extreme spasms that my big toe would visibly pull away from my other toes. These spasms have lasted up to four hours at night, alternating from one foot to the other leaving me exhausted. 


The solution is a golf ball. It's not a cure all, but using a golf ball as a massage implement has helped tremendously. Sit down, put the ball under your foot and start rolling. I've found it not only helps the foot spasms I experience, but it also helps the leg spasms that I've suffered with for so long. I've also discovered that I can actually feel knots in my feet as I'm rolling the ball around. Your feet will be extremely sore for a couple of days after you use it the first time, but there will be a huge improvement. Don't forget to drink water, it's important. I drink a full glass around 6:00PM so I'm well hydrated through the night. Good luck!


MOMMYOF2, Community Member
5/31/14 2:45pm

Thank you!  When my husbans isn't there to massage it out, a golf ball is a great solution.  Thank you!!!

bevulanow, Community Member
9/ 4/10 1:04am

i am your age and diagnosed same time for the past year i have cramps and spasms in my legs, mostly at night, after a night of these i have sharp deep muscle pain the following couple of day


hope this helps 

rich, Community Member
10/14/12 11:19pm

what are you doing for this and how well is it working for you.



garlicfrau, Community Member
1/20/11 7:46pm

I am just catching this topic now!

I had horrid spasticity in my feet and ankles during the first few years with MS. The neuro rxed the usual, Baclofen.


That  stuff worked for 2 nights. After that, it made all spasticity MUCH worse. I did controlled experiments which proved it.


I did some research in my naturopathic tomes (no  internet for me back then) and discovered the benefits of potassium.


I began supplementing with 98 mg of potassium daily and NO MORE SPASTICITY anywhere at all.


I have since shared this with many other MSers and they havee been helped as well.

(magnesium also helps)

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Mary, Community Member
8/17/12 8:21am

I bought Tommy Copper support stockings, for both my feet/ankles and for my calves. I sleep with them under my pillow.


Yes, I have had these cramps for years and have to get out of bed and walk them off. The only thing that I  have ever found is the Tommy Copper stockings.


Good luck but try those support stockings.



MOMMYOF2, Community Member
5/31/14 2:42pm

I also have ms and was diagnosed then I was 19 and am now 45 years old. To look at me one would never know I have MS. I started getting cramps about 2 months ago. I was sitting in the chair and my toes started cramping. It moved into my legs. I couldn't stand up straight. It was severe pain. My husband was there and he massaged my legs and feet and it went away. I called my doctor and he returned my call immediately. My other doctor said to eat a lot of bananas, tomatoes and other foods high in potassium. I am going to eat a lot of that now. I have been walking about 2 miles on hills to build muscle and try to get a step ahead of the disease eating my muscles. My memory and speech are really affected. I hope you get this message and/or someone else that might need this help. Ginger Berryman

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