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Friday, January 27, 2012 dado, Community Member, asks

Q: "Can anybody advise me of NATURAL methods to help treat autoimmune conditions. I'm particularly interested in vitamins and diet?"

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
2/11/12 12:28pm



I can't advise you of ways to help treat your disease, but I can share with you what my doctors have recommended for me (and for many of their patients).  My rheumatologist recommends a diet rich in fish and vegetables, and low in red meat.  My neurologist recommends that I take a certain amount of vitamin D based on the levels found in my blood.  (You would need to be tested to know what was appropriate for your needs.)  But both of these doctors also recommend that I continue with my pharmaceutical therapies to treat my diseases.  The combination of approaches is important.




Kim, Community Member
1/27/12 8:59pm

Hey Dado,


I have found that eating a lot of baked fish and boiled eggs to be helpful.  Also, green peas, collards and turnups (I'm southern), and milk.  I have heard and read things about B Vitamins and Vitamin D3 being good for us as well.  Always run things by your doctor, but I feel better since I have been eating these things.  I hope it helps.




Cathy, Health Guide
2/12/12 7:58pm



After having MS for 25+ years I can honestly say that a balanced diet full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, some kind of daily exercise (whether it be 5 minutes/day of walking or a marathon!) and handling stress as best as you can is the best NATURAL method to treat MS. 


About 30 years ago my doctor, who was wiser than wise (!) gave me a list of vitamins I should take on a daily basis (when I was beginning to feel some "weird" symptoms) and they included CoQ10 (taken with a fatty acid), Vitamin D, calcium, a multivitamin & Vitamin E.  I've been taking them ever since. 


All of the above work for me in addition to traditional meds like Copaxone.


I hope this helps you to see what others do for themselves.  As you know, everyone's MS is different, so we all have to find what works best of ourselves.



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