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Q: testing,no insurance-is there help

I have not been diagnosed yet, have no insurance and can't afford any right now.  I had an episode and was hospitalized.  They found lesions but now I can't go for testing that I need to be diagnosed.  I have no insurance and know ms is a costly disease.  My identical twin sister has had ms for 5 years now.  Is there any help as far as low cost insurance or getting these tests done?

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
12/ 9/08 12:32am

Hi Pat,


There are several things which cross my mind in reading your question. 


First one - you really do need to get insurance in place before getting a diagnosis.  It will be extremely difficult to obtain affordable insurance (if not impossible) after diagnosis. 


Your choices for insurance depend upon the state in which you live and whether you have access to employer-sponsored group health insurance.  If you have access to group insurance, grab it!!!!


Second - you mention that they found lesions.  Is that multiple lesions?  Lesions which light up with gadolinium constrast?  Where were the lesions located and what did the hospital radiologist's report say?


Third - what your MRI report says will affect your current options.  What were your symptoms going in?


Fourth - the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) has an MRI diagnostic fund which helps individuals obtain an MRI for assistance in getting a diagnosis or determining disease progression.  Information is available here. There is an income limit, as well as other restrictions.


Fifth - I sincerely hope that you do not have MS, but if you do, then you've come to a very informative and supportive place.


Thank you for your question.

JohnCE, Community Member
12/25/08 11:35pm

Yes as stated in the other post, you have to have insurance in place before a DXD of MS. After you get lebelled MS, you cannot get life insurance, most underwriters will not do it, and health insurance companies will call it a pre-existing condition. I don't know the economic conditions for you but somehow you need health and life insurance. Don't let yourself fall between the cracks if at all possible. Hope you do better and your sister also...God Bless......John

s, Community Member
6/10/10 4:06am

everyone say to get healthcare in order to get diagnosed with ms, but they do not say how to afford it...

the symptoms affect ability to work, not to mention the current is a horrible cycle without any easy solution...

i have been without insurance for several  yrs, i had an mri, but have never gotton the results because i lost my insurance...

i did not go back to get the results innitaly because i feared diagnosis without insurace would keep me from being able to get it later...i still do not have insurance and have been trying to get a copy of my medical records for well over a year, since going back to doctor and being perscribed two medications, but have been getting the run-around...cannot afford to go to doctors for testing from scratch or recieve treatment without previous records


yes insurance is important, but if one cannot afford it, then they go untreated like i do...


REAL healthcare changes need to happen, not the sad excuse for one obama is peddling, but i sadly doubt it will occur in my lifetime


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