• momdukes July 09, 2010
    July 09, 2010

    I myself am NO GOOD at all in the heat!  It beats me up like a school yard bully!  As long as I am inside where it is cool I am all right, but once I face the heat I am done!  I do better when the weather is cooler I guess it it just the way of MS.  I have just learned to live with it, the heat here in the South is a killer!



  • Melis July 13, 2010
    July 13, 2010


    I'm not sure about your question but here is what I have experienced:

    I sometimes get very VERY fatigued in the heat. However, this seems to depend on how much I am doing. A 20-minute walk through my neighborhood with my dog won't do much, however, going jogging for 10 minutes wears me out. If I am someplace like a waterpark where I can use the water to cool me off I have much less trouble. I have just learned to listen to my body to tell me how much I can take and make sure I have water with me at all times. When I do feel like I'm starting to get fatigued, water really helps and sometimes sugar does too. It gives me a boost. Those two things accompanied by a 10 minute sit down do me wonders.

    The cold is what really gets to me. It affects me 10 times more than the heat. (Which is weird because it seems most people are affected by the heat.) But my left hand goes numb and I often get more tired when it's 35 degrees house than when it's 95 degrees outside. But, I hope all this helps!


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