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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 Nancy Ackerley, Community Member, asks

Q: Being over heated

Last week it was a pretty cool day,So i went and washed my car.Well when i was done like a dummy not thinking i was cleaning my dash off and didn't roll down the windows.I got so sick, i don't know if i got over heated or what .But i came home and check my blood presure and it was good, but my heart rate was 104.Scared me because i was so weak.Also it was my shot day. But any way went to bed,And felt alot better the next day. Has any one esle had this happen?  Nancy

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Merely Me, Health Guide
11/ 4/08 4:35pm

Hey Nancy


Good to see you and...I am glad that you are feeling better now. there any possibility that the cleaning materials you used and with the windows up...maybe made you feel sick?  Were you feeling nauseated?  Did you have anything to eat which may have caused this?  Then again being overheated can absolutely make you feel sick and weak.


Both internal and external heat has a negative effect on us MSers.  Becoming overheated makes me feel fatigued and weak.  And it seems that since I have been diagnosed with MS, I feel internally hotter.  Not sure if it is my imagination or not but I have heard other folk who have Multiple Sclerosis also say they feel this way.


Dr. Kantor talks about the effect of becoming overheated when you have MS in this Health Central article.


A similar question about becoming overwhelmed by heat can be found here with multiple answers.


Wanted to add that I don't know if it is just me or not but aside from becoming overheated frequently...I also experience quite a bit of nausea and tummy troubles now.  It seems the stomach issues usually precede an episode.  It is much akin to how people with epilepsy experience and "aura" or a physical warning of an impending seizure.  This may have absolutely nothing to do with your particular experience but just wanted to tell you in case you have the same issue.


Thank you for your question and I hope you have a good evening. 

Kathy, Community Member
11/ 9/08 1:49pm

Nancy, last summer before I knew I had MS my grandson and I went to a pick it yourself farm. It was a very hot day Brandon and I where having a ball we where out there about 3 hours when I went to pick up the bucket of peas I drop them and fell to my knees I was so weak I could not fuction Branden had to drive. When I found out a mo. later I had MS I ask the Dr. about that day and said that people with MS can only be in the sun for very short while and when you in the sun you need to have a umbralla or something because getting over heated will cause you to have a flar up.

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