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Saturday, October 17, 2009 Puzzled, Community Member, asks

Q: What is the longest known period of remission for MS?

I had many of the symptoms for MS in the late 1970's.  A ton of tests were performed to determine if I had MS, but it was never confirmed;  All they could was say that the tests showed there were a lot of things I DIDN'T have.  After about two months of various symptoms, everything disappeared and then re-appeared again for a short while about a year later.  Since then, there has been nothing that I am aware of.  However, yesterday and today I noticed a bit of double vision while watching television.  Also last night, I had a momentary bit of difficulty with my balance.  And later the same night, I woke up because my big toe was sticking up and wouldn't relax.  I have been under a lot of stress in the last few days and hopefully that is all it is.  I was in my late twenties when the original symptoms appeared, and I am now 60 years old.  In essence, it has been decades in-between any problems.  Can MS go into remission for that long?

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Vicki, Health Guide
10/18/09 10:31pm

Hi puzzled,

djx59 was probably on the right track saying a doctor might know.  Ten years is not unusual for a remission period, and I remember reading someone's story who said 16.  MS is so unpredictable that I wouldn't doubt if there have been longer remissions.

My doctor once told me of cases not detected until autopsy, and that sounds like a long period to me, although it's hard to tell without knowing the entire history.  Maybe someone keeps statistics, but the MS documentation is often sporadic and contradictory so it may not be reliable.

You have made me curious.  I am going to look around.  If I find something, I'll let you know. Until then I hope you experience more remission than relapse.

Good luck.

Deb, Community Member
2/ 4/11 2:35pm

I was 37 Yrs. old when diagnosed.....(had it long before) and I haven't had a relapse for 22 years.  I feel blessed and I have had ALOT of stress in my life in the meantime.....but I'm trying to stay positive.  Hope it stays gone for a long time!

momdukes, Community Member
2/ 5/11 9:03am

Well I got one for the books, this is smomdukes.  I was told by my nuero that I had MS all my life, aqnd when I think back I had signss all along the waqy.  The vertigo, the blurred vision, the dragging of my left leg the unexplained fatique, and I was fnally dx when I was 44 years old.  It stayed in remission that long, no one could explain my symptoms, but it was MS all the time.  It was noit until my eyes totally crossed when my nuero realized that something was really wrong.  I am now 53 almost had a relasp but my nuero caught it in time stopped it wwith steroid infusion and it did not happen bless her but it came into full bloom when I was 44.  My nuero said I was lucky mine stayed in remission 44 years, I say I was bless I saw my girls through HS cheerleading, marching band, debate team, scoccer, track team, cheer leading, and lord knows all that other teenage crap!!!  So I cannot complain, Even thought I have to wear flats no more 3 inch heels, I buy expensive handbagsWink



Vicki, Health Guide
2/11/11 7:03pm

It sounds as if Deb and Sherry were very lucky — More proof there is something to be said for positive attitudes. Even during remission, there is no harm in relaxing with a smile.

Camellia, Community Member
7/28/13 9:11pm
Amen to that! Reply
djax59, Community Member
10/18/09 2:41am

i had 10 yrs remission-and except for my bladder another 5-so i don't see why you couldn't have longer--ms has a mind of it's own and like a bratty child comes and goes like it pleases. want you o know that mine isn't exactly a valid medical opinion so you might want to check with a neurologist--i'm happy for you that you've had so few problems. djax59

Candice G, Community Member
3/23/13 5:50pm

I was diagnosed two years ago. I started having seizures at the age of 29. I'd never had a history of them before. After being prodded and poked for a week in the hospital it was confirmed that I had MS. It made sense because for a few years I'd been having numbness and tingling in my feet and legs, blurred vision, insomnia, and bladder problems. But I'd learn to manage those symptoms before the diagnosis. Now I am on antiseizure medication and haven't had one since my diagnosis. Those pesky symptoms still exist, but I haven't had any new ones either. I started taking much better care of myself by excercising, eating healthy, and taking vitamins. I hope I stay in remission. It brings me hope to read about people being in remission for a decade or longer. I tell myself that each day is a crap shoot so I can't take it for granted. Live each day like it's your last--last that you have control over this disease.

Camellia, Community Member
7/28/13 9:07pm
I was diagnosed with MS in 2002 when my right leg and left hand became unfuctional. It took me 4 months to get into a Neuro's and for my symptoms to get this sever. The Neuro's told me on my first visit bluntly, "you have MS". I knew nothing about MS and didn't want to believe it. After many doctors and test I surrendered to ongoing IV steroids and MRI facts. I regained the use of my limbs in 12 months then went on Avonex as advised by my doctor. I lost my health insurance a year later and had to go off the Avonex due to cost. I was in remission with full control of eyes, arms and legs but the agonizing pain in my right leg (like being bitten by fire ants) never went away. There were several other factors that took me to a pain clinic where I was prescribed with Oxy, Neurotin and Cymbaltra. The OXY got out of control and (eventually painfully detoxed off) it wasn't/isn't as helpful as the Neurotin 60 mg x 3 a day and 60 mg x 2 a day of Cymbaltra. I am currently still taking the Neurotin and Cymbaltra for my continued neuropathy and can tell by pain if I ever miss a day. Over the years I've been to 3 Neuro's including the MS Center of Atlanta (MRI's in hand) to get checked and advise. I have been on steroids several times when my right leg would become numb but haven't had any significant health problems since going off Avonex. I feel extremely blessed to have raised my children and lived a "normal" life for the last 11 & 1/2 years. It feels more like a Bad Dream than reality that I was diagnosed and have MS. I have promised myself to live life to the fullest, never to have regrets and to take care of myself while I am in remission. I thank our good Lord for my good health and many blessings:) Peace Reply
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