Thursday, June 11, 2009 thomas g peal, Community Member, asks

Q: how can i get help paying for copaxone

i have no insurance  and no job.i need help paying for copaxone.

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
6/11/09 3:32pm

Hi Thomas,


You can find contact information for the Copaxone programs in this post -

Beginner's Guide to MS: Need help paying drug bills?


Kimberly Benson, Community Member
11/ 3/11 2:24pm

Hi Lisa, my husband has MS and our insurance has changed and we no longer have full coverage of this medication, we really need some help with our cost of it. Where can i get  the guide you are refering to?

momdukes, Community Member
6/11/09 2:00pm

OK here I go again, try going down to Social Services and applying for Medicid.  You may can get some help that way.  Do not go on a Monday or Friday, if your area SS office is like ours those are the two bussiest days.  Be there at 8:00 a.m. when the door open.  Have you Social Security card your last pay stubs, even if they are from a few years ago, try and have at least two, proof of your address or bills with your home address on them, the bills you have to pay out every month.  This will get you started.  If you get approved, this will help you with your doctor visits also.  You need to apply for disability if you have not already.  I hope this helps some.  Sherry/smomdukesKiss

joguinn, Community Member
6/11/09 7:49pm

I have my entire co pay payed through the manufacturers-Teva Marion. They looked at my entire expenses-not just income (a rarity in receiving assistance for prescriptions) If you go online to the copaxone website there are details there. I applied over the form, faxed them some income and bingo!


good luck!

soccermom, Community Member
8/ 9/10 3:59pm

Can you provide me with a little more information about were I can obtain "form & fax #) My insurance covers the bulk of my experience but the anual deductable is making Copaxone unaffordable. Thank you in advance.

joguinn, Community Member
8/ 9/10 7:41pm



Here is the contact info. For a list of other places that provide assistance, see the response just before mine by Lisa E


Copaxone Patient Assistance Program - Call Shared Solutions at 1-800-887-8100


Good luck! 

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