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Q: Weak Legs and Numb legs, advice please

I want to start off by thanking everyone for the wonderful advice that I have been given. I did receive a cooking vest earlier this summer and it really has helped. NOW I have an question.

I have had weak legs for several months now, weak to the point that I have to sit down when I go shopping. At home I use my cane and it helps some, and I use the walls to prevent falling. When I do walk some the top parts of my legs from my knees up get very numb. When I sit for a while, the numbness goes away. The back of my legs,and calfs get very tired. Is it time for me to talk to my docotr about a scooter for when I go out? I am really concerned about my legs as well as the numbness when walking.


Thanks in advance



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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
8/31/08 12:01pm

Hi Candy,


I'm glad that you receive some helpful responses.  There certainly is a supportive group here.


What you describe with your legs is very much something I get when out walking great distances.  My legs will get very heavy, very tingly and numb.  As I stop to rest on a bench, the tingling and numbness becomes even more noticeable.  I usually wait until the sensations retreat down from my thighs to my feet.  Then when I get up going again, my legs seem to work even better than before.  Kinda weird.


Some things you could consider include:

1) talk to your doctor about getting a handicapped placard for your car.  This will allow you to park closer to the doors of stores and malls and lessen the distance required to go out shopping.

2) take advantage of the scooters available for use in many grocery stores or large discount stores like Target.  I don't know if malls have these available for rental or not.  Something I'll have to look into.

3) there are walkers which are very popular now that have a chair built in.  You could use this for balance and stop to rest when you need regardless of chairs available.

4) talk to your doctor to get his/her ideas and recommendations on what you can do.


I hope this helps.



Merely Me, Health Guide
11/ 6/08 7:29am

Hello Candy!


I know you asked this question some time ago but thought I would chime in anyway.


In researching your question I found what others do in this situation and here is a list of possible solutions:


*  Some people try to go to smaller food stores where you will have less walking.  Use a list so you are not backtracking.


*  Many of the stores have motorized scooters right there in the store to use. 


*  Some people say that using Baclofen helped their numbness and weakness.


*  Others say that physical therapy helped them.


*  Some say that stretching and exercise helps increase their physical stamina and flexibility


I hope these help and thank you for your question!

Merely Me, Health Guide
12/ 8/08 8:47am

Hello Candy Lee


I was just writing to check up on you and see how you are doing.  I was wondering how this particular symptom is with the weakness in your legs.  Have you found a suitable solution such as a scooter or has something else helped you more? 


I always like to follow up with folk to see what works for them and what doesn't.  Your sharing of your experience can help someone else reading who is also in the same boat. 


Thank you for your original question and I do hope you come back to give us an update.

chrisss, Community Member
3/ 9/09 11:55pm

I have very similar symptoms to dr still not sure what is wrong with not diagnosed yet!

When i wake up in the morning i am symptom free (no numbness), but has soon  has i start to walk my legs go numb legs go cold as well along with the numbness..

If i rest for awhile my numbness goes again..


Can ms cause these type of symptoms?   I thought with ms, you would have numbness even at rest if it involves the central nervous system..


Also i find my numbness goes if i have a warm shower or bath,is there anyone that sees improvment with heat? i only seen to hear the opposite..






cindy craft, Community Member
4/18/10 11:04am


The same thing hjappens with my husband.  His mom has MS so we are thinking that he's in the beginning stages of MS.  Do you think this is true?

chrisss, Community Member
4/19/10 8:16am

UPDATE!  Just been diagnoised with lymes disease through igenex..

And active EBV

Im still waiting back for results of my mycoplasma..


I honestly believe,almost all ms patients really have lymes,or some other stealth bacteria's or viruses..  


My lyme dr says the in the uk- if anyone needs help at finding a good dr i can recommend one.. just email me

Derek Wall, Community Member
7/27/10 3:24pm

I have very similar symptoms, but in my case I am getting numbness in the left leg and slowly creeping into the right foot. I push myself to walk most days, it is very hard walking. my leg and feet get warm not cold. I have had a scan already because my Doctor thought I had D.V. T. I was very worried but the scan showed no problems with the Vains and Arteries. I was told to get an appointment with a Vascular specialist which I am in the process of doing. This numbness I have has affected me now for over 6 months and I wish I knew more about it.

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