• maggieames maggieames
    June 11, 2009
    Can you be born with Multiple Sclerosis?
    maggieames maggieames
    June 11, 2009

    Can you be born with Multiple Sclerosis? If you can, how does it happen? No one on either side of my family has ever had this disease. If they did, it was pre-MRI. I could swear I was born constipated. My Dad used to give me ice cream if I went to the bathroom. He used to say "We'll have a party." When I was little (3-4 years old) my mother would get up in the morning and find me on the bathroom floor passed out with pains in my stomach. They finally put me in the hospital for a week when I was 17. They left me out eight days later and told my parents I was nervous. I've had anxiety attacks since I was very small. If you can answer this question for me, I'd be very appreciative.



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  • momdukes June 11, 2009
    June 11, 2009

    I am no nurse but I was told by my nuero, that I had MS all of my life.  It did not show up until I was 44 yrs old.  But she told me it was there all the time.  When I thought back over my life, I could see the signs, such as being clumsy, my knees giving out, bouts of fatique, that I could not explain.  It all came to a head at age 44.  I am glad it waited.  But it was there all the time.  MS is very hard to DX and still is today, it is just one of those things.  Just thought I would put in my little bit.


  • Amanda July 22, 2009
    July 22, 2009
    I was told by 2 specialists (one from University of Virginia)  that it is something we were exposed to (they think a virus) before the age of 12 yrs old. That some peoples immune systems can handle and others like us can not.  I'am a 29 yr old female dx 2 yrs ago and am the only one in my family. I personally don't think it is something you were born with, otherwise how do you explain it only being prevalent in certain areas and not others. amanda READ MORE
  • ladygraycloud June 12, 2009
    June 12, 2009

    I'm no expert but I am the same no-one in either side of my family has MS but here I am 49 and told it is this! All I really would advise is press on make the doctors find out what is wrong if nothing I have learned you practically have to be the doctor learn as as you and start question everything the says!

    Good luck to you and your family


    • 2much
      June 14, 2009
      June 14, 2009

      I am a forty year old woman,I was diagnosed with MG at the age of 12,MS at the age of 30 and ITP at the age of 38!MY 16 year old son diagnosed himself on May 9 2008!I AM NO Doctor but from what I have lived thru and watched my son go thru I SAY YES you can be born with it!!!!!!I have learned so much!!I DID NOT KNOW KNOW HOW TO USE SEARCH THE WEB UNTIL MAY 9,2008!There is nothing that scares me anymore.      bertha

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