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Saturday, January 10, 2009 Angie, Community Member, asks

Q: How do you find a doctor that specializes in MS?

I have a friend who was diagnosed about 9 years ago. He wants to switch doctors. How do you find one in your local area that is knowledgeable on the subject/treatments and willing to help. His last doctor was very carefree and not willing to help at all--even had a part in delaying his disability benefits because of mis-diagnosis.

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
1/10/09 4:35pm

Hi Angie,


This is an excellent question.  One thing you could do is contact the local MS Chapter who should have a list of MS neurologists.  Look here on the National MS Society website.


But even better would be to consult The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and search the Center Directory.  Those neurologists and centers who are members of this organization are involved in keeping up-to-date on all things MS.


Hope this helps. 



Merely Me, Health Guide
1/12/09 9:36pm

Hi Angie


You know...I am pretty much in the same boat as your friend.  I need to find a new neurologist myself.


You can find some useful information about locating doctors right here on Health Central by following this link.


One piece of advice that I will give is that it is important to not only make sure you get a good doctor/neurologist but also that the center or hospital you go to is also good.  While my neurologist I had was adequate, the center I was going to was dreadful.  Nobody returned phone calls, there were long waits to see someone, and quite often they messed up simple things such as not having my scans ready for the doctor to review. 


Calling the receptionist can be one way to gain a first impression of the place you will be going to.  I was able to get some valuable information about my neurologist this way.  I was told that my doctor was empathic and sensitive to patients and would spend a lot of time with me.  And this was true.  Too bad the center itself was so terribly inefficient.


Here is also an article I found about finding an MS specialist.


I wish your friend good luck!  It takes time to find a good doctor.  You are a good friend to try and help with this.  Thank you for your question.

harris, Community Member
1/15/09 7:04pm

neurologist,  or sherphard center, I go to both

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