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Friday, January 23, 2009 jonniegirl40, Community Member, asks

Q: I have pain in my neck from the base of my skull down to about where my shoulder blades begin. Is th

I have pain in my neck from the base of my skull down to about where my shoulder blades begin. Is this a symptom of MS?

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beau31958, Community Member
1/24/09 2:20pm

Hi there- and to answer your question - it sure is.  That is exactly one of the symptoms that I have.  It is likely due to muscle tension, commonly known as spasticity.  I actaully get huge muscle "knots" at the back of my neck - and my shoulder muscles become hard as rocks.  I notice that when this becomes an issue for me, I can feel my shoulders trembling.  There are a number of drugs available that will assist with the spasticity. Also i find that a good massage helps lots too.   A physo therapist works good for me too, as they are able to work out these "knots" that I get and get relief from the symptom.

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Rorschach513, Community Member
6/16/09 12:09pm

Hey, not necessarily. That guy's answer was inappropriate and could cause needless worry. MS is a disease that affects all of us in many different ways. The pain in your neck you are describing could be anything from stress and anxiety to bad posture at work to a simple pulled muscle. It's important to make sure you visit your primary care physician first, then your neurologist. 


It's too easy to ascribe all of our ailments to MS. It certainly could be, but since back and neck pain are one of the most common complaints about the human body, it could be something completely different. Call your primary doctor's office, talk to the nurse, make an appointment and find out what he/she thinks. 


Lou, Community Member
8/30/09 7:34pm

The cause of this particular pain lies in tension in the trapezoid  muscle.  It attaches at the neck back and shoulder blade.  It is triangular in shape .  I have it with ms, but as I also experience a fair amount of stress it pops up.  See a doctor!  Most of the US population must get this spasm from time to time.  Warm massage, with your doctor's permission, will get rid of those nasty knots.  Only a neurologist can answer your question with an MRI and/or spinal tap.  Some physical therapy can teach you how to stretch this out.


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