• patricia wood patricia wood
    February 03, 2011
    what do you thik of stem cell rejuvenation center LOCATED IN PHOENIX AZ for treatment of ppms using adipose tissue (fat) Should i MAKE an appointment for consultation only.
    patricia wood patricia wood
    February 03, 2011
    An American is duing the treatment Name is Timothy Pearce NMD. he is not a medical doctor! He is located at the "International Stem Cell Institute,(ICMS) in Phoenix AZ (602) 439-000. This is an Adult Stem Cell Therapy, harvested from your FAT. The head of frontier medical institute/Dr. Terry Grossman. They (ISCI), does not disclose patient information (a referral). Someone already treated with same diagnosis. Should I trust this Institute. Please advise me via email: patbillwood@verizon.net Thank you READ MORE


  • Vicki
    Health Guide
    February 05, 2011
    Health Guide
    February 05, 2011

    Hi Patricia,

    I will email this to you as soon as I post it here.

    There has been so much talk and buzz about stem cells that will help MS. I read that stem cells might be effective for RRMS, but not no much with progressive. I read that quite a long time ago, but I have not seen much promising information concerning stem cells and PPMS. At this point, let me remind you I am not a doctor, nor a researcher.

    You know there are fewer clinical trials for PPMS, although primary progressive research is becoming more popular. There is research for SPMS and stem cells. I have secondary progressive, so I was interested in that. It was only a clinical trial, and you know how long that takes.

    Now, with all of that said, should you make an appointment with the Arizona center? You mentioned that the person doing the procedure is not a medical doctor. Talk with your doctor and perhaps have a consultation with the center. Make your decision based on all of that information.

    I know there is not a lot available for PPMS, but make your decision carefully. Please let us know what you decide and how it goes. Good luck.


  • karleta April 27, 2012
    April 27, 2012

    i think that the staff is a really nice bunch of people that i grew fond of over the 2 days that i was there, however, i went there with a vasculer necroucis condition in my hip and im thinking that they should of got xrays before the procedure was done and a bone density test on my hip im thinking that my hip was so shot out that when they poked there needle into my hip to shoot in the stemcells that the bone broke apart worse than before because it was so deteriorated ,the next 30 hours were pure hell after the novicane wore off and i live in california i went home that night and the next business day in excruciating pain i called and they said come in now that they would give me some pain meds and i said im in cal and not able to walk bacause of pain , so i asked that they call in a script an they replied they cant??????wut up with that !!ANY HOOT MAYBE THIS STEM CELL THING WILL HEAL THE PROBLEM IM PRAYIN ilkl keep yall postedkarl still luv those guys an gals though no hard feelings they honestly do have your best interest at heart they sincerejust jumped the gun a little  serious karl

    • Mr.2ndChance
      August 12, 2012
      August 12, 2012

      so where they sufficent in thier efforts but you would rather decided not to have the stem cell treatment if you had a 2nd choice to do it all over again? 

       , any advise because im thinking of going to recieve the treatment for my spinal injury ..? Mr.Concerned Spinal chord injury that thinking of going next for treatment.. 


  • patient001 October 05, 2012
    October 05, 2012

    Recent work and advancements in this field has opened new visions, approaches and techniques to successful procedures. everyone i recommend www.metroMD.net this office is located in Los Angeles, growing and recieving great reviews and feedback. good luck everyone with all your endevours.

  • amanda July 22, 2011
    July 22, 2011

    I took my daughter in April of this year and have had no results. She has scaring in the "harvisting sites". I believe that he is more concerned with changing the diet and taking vitamins to heal rather than stem cells. We are so disappointed. we saved for 3 years and he did.nothing. Save your money and go overseas. I hear there is a nice place in Germany

    • Linda
      November 26, 2012
      November 26, 2012

      My daughter suffered from T.B.I. five years ago and has had 4 stem cell treatments. Three out of four treatments were successful with improvements and maintaining. The unsuccessful treatment was in China using umbilical cord cells. I believe the only reason it was not successful was because the so called stem cells were not in a controlled athemosephere or fake. The other treatments one in Dusseldorf Germany and the other 2 in Nuevo Progresso Mexico using placenta. Do not give up on stem cell treatments. If it is real you will see change. It doesn't make you 100 percent better. Stem cell treatment is not a one time deal. It is costly. Always research before you go anywhere and ask for referrals. In the U.S it is shady because of patients privacy rights. The internet is the next best thing. I was looking into the Stem Cell Rejuvention center in Phoenix AZ. and now I am finding results like yours stirring me away. 

      There is another treatment center in Cancun Mexico that uses fat cells that I know has had positive results. My daughter does Physical Therapy with the patients, and I do not have the name of the place. Sorry. They went through the corotid artery to the brain with the cells harvested from the fat for their treatments. Good Luck and never give up!!


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