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Tuesday, December 02, 2008 latulley, Community Member, asks

Q: My husbands right leg is stone cold all the time, any suggestions what to do about it?

Even when he's feeling warm, the write leg feels like ice to the touch and cold to him.

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Merely Me, Health Guide
12/ 3/08 2:59pm

Hey there


So do you think this particular symptom is the result of MS or does your husband have other health issues that may be causing this?  Have you told his primary care physician about this problem yet?  I see if they need to investigate further. 


My sister has something called Raynaud's disease where her extremities get cold and she just can't feel warm at times.  Here is some information about this disease and some helpful suggestions.  Since it is your husband's leg, though, I am probably barking up the wrong tree.  Yet some of the suggestions they give might also help your husband. 


If this is MS related it is probably what is called a "paresthesia" where one experiences abnormal sensations of the skin.  I have had ones where I swear my leg feels wet and warm but there is nothing there.  Other folk who have MS have experienced what your husband is talking about with the cold feeling, and I found a forum where tons of people are discussing this very symptom.  You may find that discussion here. 


As far as what to do? 


I found a list of suggestions here of how to improve circulation to the area.


Some of the ideas I have found include:  Hydrotherapy of spraying the affected areas with hot and then cold water, massage, acupuncture, using Ginkgo Biloba, and elevating the feet. 


But truly...I am betting that your husband's doctor will have the best suggestions of what to do for this symptom.


I hope you find something that works for your husband and I thank you for your question.



Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
12/ 8/08 10:30am



I'm just now seeing your question.  There are many possible causes for a leg to feel cold to the touch.  If you feel the ice, then your husband needs to be seen by his PCP.  This would be different than parasthesias which only your husband would feel.


There is much more information needed to be able to give any suggestions.  For instance, is he wheelchair bound?  If so, there is an increased risk of blood clots.


Have you been traveling out of the country recently?  There are parasitic infections which can cause cold leg syndrome.  Even if not traveling, there are a number of infections which can cause trouble in the legs.


Basically, my thoughts go to infection or vascular disease.  As an example, Raynaud's Disease which Merely Me mentions is itself a vascular disease.


After your husband has been to see his doctor, please come back and let us know what the cause of his cold leg is?  thanks.

JohnCE, Community Member
12/29/08 12:56am

The circulation in the limp should be checked since this could be another problem apart from the MS. As stated in the other post, one could have poor circulation in the limb and produce a blood clot, this is something one doesn't want, a clot could have dire dangers...check it out asap please...God Bless.....John

TrpGreg, Community Member
11/13/10 8:15pm

Heart conditions can cause the poor circulation?  That seems to be a common cause, as is veneous insufficiency?

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