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Monday, March 23, 2009 Debbie, Community Member, asks

Q: Do you go into remission with MS?

I was diagnosed with MS then several months later felt fine. I had symptoms of veritgo, tingling and numbness, and my memory wasn't the same.  This went on for a few months before the doctor told me it was MS. He also thought the MRI showed white matter at the front forehead which could mean MS.  Then it all went away.  Now my legs feel weak, aching and tingling again. Do you go into remission with MS?

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
3/23/09 2:43pm

Hi Debbie,


Welcome to MS Central.  Approximately 85% of all patients diagnosed with MS start with the Relapsing-Remitting form of the disease.  See What Type of MS Do You Have?

 for a description of the other forms of the disease.


What typically happens is that a patient will have a relapse (exacerbation, attack) of MS-related symptoms and impairment.  Then when those symptoms (or impairments) subside, the patient is in the remitting (or recovery) stage of the disease.  Some patients will go back to baseline during the remissions, but there are others patients who experience incomplete recovery and have residual disability or symptoms.


If your symptoms continue to progress and last longer than 24 hours, then please contact your neurologist.  He/she might want to see you to determine if this is an exacerbation and if you need a round of steroids right now. 


This is the classic pattern of MS - relapse, remission, relapse, remission.  One of the best things you can do is to stay in touch with your neurologist.


Please let us know how you are doing and what happens with your doctor.

russell, Community Member
4/16/10 5:47pm

My sister is dating a guy who suddenly seems to have MS> He apparently last had symptoms during the Gulf War in 91 and now this is the first time he has had symptoms since (he is 52 years old). His legs are numb. Does this sound like MS to you?

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
4/17/10 9:47pm

Hi Russel,


With MS it is possible to have many years between occurs of relapses or new symptoms.  It's hard to say if your sister's boyfriend might have MS.  He really would need to see a neurologist for evaluation.  He should also go through the VA in case his neurological symptoms could be connected to his tour of duty.

Joseph Klein, Community Member
4/26/10 5:48am

Such a course of MS sounds very rare to me. It is an extremely outstanding historical detail that a person who was diagnosed having MS in 1991 had no more signs and symptomes of this illness for 19 years. Numb legs could result from many clinical situations such as herniated Lumbar disc, a primary or secondary blood vessels disease etc.Therefore I strongly suggest that this guy will meet his Medical Doctor as soon as possible and start a whole new diagnostic process. He should of course tell his Doctor about the MS incident from the past so the Doctor will be able to recheck it and consider it in the diagnostic process.

TEE, Community Member
8/ 1/11 11:47am

not really...i have M S my legs are numb sometimes.   But other things can imate M S.  For at least 7 years i didn't even have leisons; but, i was later diagnois w/M S:-(

Merely Me, Health Guide
3/23/09 5:49pm

Hiyah Debbie


Yeah this sounds like Relapsing Remitting MS which is what I have.  I can go for periods of time without having any symptoms and then wham!  The symptoms will appear seemingly out of nowhere.


Feeling overheated can bring about symptoms but these bouts of short lasting symptoms usually are not causing any lasting damage. The symptoms that you have to be more concerned about are the ones that last for more than 24 hours and can sometimes last for weeks.  It is then that you go in to see your doctor to get treated.


If you have any more questions please let us know.  We are here to help!

takiyah outerbridge, Community Member
11/20/10 1:36am

I was diagnosed in april of 2007 and it is now Nov. 20 of 2010 and I have been in remission.  thank God!

momdukes, Community Member
11/20/10 8:59am

MS is such a wierd diease.  I was told that I had MS my entire life, I had little signs all along the way but I did not know that it was MS.  The vertigo, I just thought that I was clumsy the fatique, I just thought I needed more iron, go figure.  I discovered I had MS when I was 44 years old, so my MS has been in remission all those years.  So I really cannot complain.  Now I use a cane in the mornings and a wheelchair if I go out shopping in the afternoon.  MS has humbled me a great deal.  For that I am greatrul. Embarassed So it has not been so bad.  Yes there are struggles, but life is a struggle, MS or not.  I have been through a lot of pain, five broken bones from falling, and I have a few cast from the bones for which I am proud of :) but life is still great!  I feel like I had a great run without the affects of MS I saw my girls through High School, cheerleading, Marching Band, Debate Team, Prarades, Football Games, etc, God knows what else, plus I was the neighborhood taxi.  So MS has it's downside, but hey so does life.  Let me get off my soap box.  Have a great weekend everyone!



sto2010, Community Member
12/27/10 7:24pm

Your optimism is so wonderful...I was diagnosed last year, 2009 and people that have such a positive optimistic attitude, like you, keep me going.  I'm very fortunate so far, my biggest issue is balance and fatigue. But that itself is challenging as I have a very active 3 year old.  Keep inspiring people, your wonderful outlook is so catchy!  Thank you...I needed that today :)

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