• Puzzled Puzzled
    July 15, 2009
    numb white Fingertips.
    Puzzled Puzzled
    July 15, 2009

    Occasionaly I have had two fingers of my left hand and once on my right hand go numb and turn white from tip to 1st knuckle. What could cause this?


    I have arthritis in my neck and lower back. 



  • Lisa Emrich
    Health Guide
    July 17, 2009
    Lisa Emrich
    Health Guide
    July 17, 2009



    Please keep in mind that none of us are medical professionals and can't diagnose online.  But what you describe sounds alot like Raynaud's Disease. Read up about it and then be sure to talk to your doctor.


  • Mary Jane August 10, 2009
    Mary Jane
    August 10, 2009

    I was diagnosed with Raynaud's about a month ago.  My toes turn bright blue, and sometimes white.  There's not much you can do but keep the area that's affected warm (from what my Dr. told me)... if you don't there could be problems.


    Kind of hard for me to keep my feet warm because I always feel hot - then I'll touch my toes and they feel like they have been in the freezer.  Wierd, I know.


    If you go to Google images and type in Raynaud's you'll see examples of what it looks like.


    Good luck to you, hope all turns out well.

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