• Dogfaceboy Dogfaceboy
    August 08, 2008
    Why Pins and needles burning painful sensation
    Dogfaceboy Dogfaceboy
    August 08, 2008

    I have an area on my right side, part of my head, face, my ear, part of my neck and part of my shoulder that has been quite painful in the past few months.  This is like very hot pins and needles that almost prevent me from moving my arm and shoulder at times.  I get a lot of burning sensations in different places they don't normally last months.  Although, I did have burning in my left hand and fingers for years a long time ago, that returns frequently but goes away quickly.  Is there anything that can be done about this burning?  Is there anything in particular that causes it that I have control of?  I know relaxation and hypnosis help but only during the sessions.   I am told I have PPMS.



  • Lisa Emrich
    Health Guide
    August 15, 2008
    Lisa Emrich
    Health Guide
    August 15, 2008



    I'm really sorry that you are having such pain.  Hot pins and needles certainly sound like very unpleasant sensations.  Just so you know, I'm RRMS so my experience may be rather different than yours.


    Perhaps the best thing to do would be to call your doctor's office.  If you have an MS nurse, explain in detail what you are experiencing.  Be sure to tell him/her how much the pain is interfering in your daily life and functioning.  That's very important in determining the best approach.


    Please come back soon and let us know how you are doing.




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