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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 theresag79, Community Member, asks

Q: Is a low grade fever with fatigue normal?

I have been dx with MS. I have noticed a lot of the times when I have "the fatigue" I have a low grade fever of about 99.3-99.9  Is that normal?

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Merely Me, Health Guide
9/23/08 3:16pm

Hey there


I am interested in this question as I have been feeling more hot when there doesn't seem to be a reason for it.  I do wonder if it is the MS.  I researched a bit on-line and found where someone had asked your question on an MS support group.


One of the answers seemed to make sense to me that...perhaps there was a lesion on that part of the brain which controls body temperature.  It doesn't seem that far fetched. 


But then again it could be anything...due to over extertion, a virus, peri-menopause and so on. 


The next time I go to my neurologist I am going to ask this question and see what she says.



sue, Community Member
4/22/08 9:32pm

Theresa, the only way to know for sure is if you speak to your doctor.  It could be a normal MS symptom or it could be a reaction from a medication (or not taking it).  As well, it could be something one of our expoerts wrote about called, Psedo Exacerbations.


Either wayt, a doctor need to evaluated you and get to the bottom of it.


All the best, sue (moderator)

gentlespirit, Community Member
9/23/08 2:23am

Hi Theresa,

This is hard to say, as MS is different for everyone. Are you on any of the DMD's out, like Avonex, Copaxone, or others?

Another thing to consider is whether or not you're taking (or are on)any other meds *besides* a DMD, such as Tylenol, etc, and you didn't mention what your "normal" temp usually is.

Wish I could tell you more, but it would be hard to guess w/out knowing the above.

I will say I have a g/f whose "normal" temp is in the range you mentioned.

MS is a strange one, indeed, and I know others will have a better answer for you.

Also, telling your neuro/primary care about thos would be a good thing to do.

Good luck and let us know what you find out!


Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
9/25/08 9:01am

Hi Theresa,


I see that lots of folks have been by to answer your question and you've received some great responses.  I'm gonna go at this a different way.


When your body is running at a higher temperature, it can contribute to the nerve signals moving more slowly.  This slowed down communication within the central nervous system can most certainly contribute to the overwhelming fatigue which is so common for us MSers.


I've noticed that since diagnosis, or since beginning DMD treatment, that I tend to be much more sensitive to heat, both external and internal.  Any elevation in temp wipes me out but I'm not necessarily running a fever.


Also, I'm a fan of Ibuprofen when it comes to pain, but for fevers, Tylenol is the only thing which will bring it down.  Have you tried bringing it down with Tylenol?  Or maybe grabbing a bag of frozen veggies to hold against your torso or head?  Those things help me.

Starshine, Community Member
10/26/08 7:53pm

Hi - I read your question and all of the answers. I also often experience low grade fevers for no explained reason. I have come to the conclusion that it must be due to MS. It is not due to medication since this has happened through different meds and even when not taking any meds. Mine range from 99.1 to 100.5. It does make things feel more miserable. I haven't been able to find much in researching this on the internet. Please let me know if you have spoken with your doctor about it as I would be interested to know their response. Good luck.

Chiromom, Community Member
3/ 9/12 10:03pm
I always have a low grade fever too. I have had a full body gallium scan, bloodwork, immune system work up... Normal. My symptoms are much worse with a fever as well. I think it is just a side effect of MS. Afterall, our immune systems are 'busy' I suppose. I am going to try a trial of regular Tylenol and see if that helps. I am releived to see that this is happening to others as well. Hang in there guys ! :) Reply
S, Community Member
1/ 8/09 8:22pm

I have the same exact problem.  I am convinced my low grade fevers (99.2-99.8) are a symptom of MS.  And when I have them I feel so incredibly fatigued--or as one of the other posters said, just "miserable."   I got diagnosed 17 months ago with barely noticeable optic neuritis and a MRI full of lesions.  At first the doctors were a bit confused because of the fevers (maybe Lyme disease?).  The fevers began a year before the diagnosis.  I saw an infectious disease specialist and a rheumatologist for "fever of unknown origin" and had every test run imaginable over many months.


I am convinced the fevers are MS related because when I went on Tysabri within 1-2 months the fevers were completely gone!!  I felt like a million dollars! My last Ty. infusion was #7 and due to the holidays I went 5 weeks instead of 4.  That last week the fevers came back with a vengeance.  I had the infusion a few days ago and now they are gone.  I don't think it can be coincidental.

Bob, Community Member
9/23/11 9:40am

I run a fever frequently but I am not tired. I also have MS- I belive this happens when your body is being evil. I have had an increased serverity in symtoms with the fever and I like to think with any infection your body is trying to fight it off. Typically with an infection which is technically what MS is you run fevers.

momof2, Community Member
10/ 4/12 6:24am
Hi. I have had a fever for 4 months now and have had numerous tests which have not revealed the cause. I also experience fatigue mid to late afternoon and burnings sensations in various parts of the body including hip, pelvis, foot, primarily on one side of my body. I occasionally will experience a subtle weakness of my thigh muscles and some mild tingling sensations in my lips. Hands and feet seem to "fall asleep" quite easily and most noticably upon awakening in the morning. You mentioned in your post that you had the fevers for a while before your diagnosis of MS. Can you tell me if you had any other symptoms and what led up to your diagnosis? I am at a standstill and indredibly worried and depressed to think that something is brewing inside me which I have no control of. I have not been tested for MS and that may be because my fever had an abrupt beginning that started with a cold, headache and fatigue. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Thanks. Reply
Julie, Community Member
3/ 5/09 10:41am

I just ran across your question, Theresa, and am so interested that many people are experiencing the same thing. I've had many times when my husband has reached out to hold my hand or touch my arm and he expresses shock at how hot I feel. Nearly every time he notices this, I'm not aware that I'm any warmer than normal. I haven't taken my temperature, but think next time it happens I will. I've never made the connection to MS symptoms since I'm frequently fatigued, but will pay better attention in the future.

Has anyone reading these questions talked to their dr about this?

Arielle Theisen, Community Member
3/22/09 9:41pm

Hi, I am a 23 year old female.  I haven't been diagnosed yet but my neurologist keeps saying probable MS. I just had my 2nd Spinal tap and I get the results this coming week. The first one showed 1 protein band of MS origin. My MRI's show 3 lesions. I have been having all the usual symptoms of MS. Just recently I have been noticing on-going extreme fatigue where I can sleep for 12 hours a day and fevers along with it. I came to this site and am glad to notice other people are having the same symptoms. I haven't been diagnosed yet but I will be sure to tell my doctor about this and see what he says. 



herhonor, Community Member
8/ 1/10 4:11am

I also have slight fevers. I am in SPMS. I feel like the extreme fatigue is DUE TO THE FEVER and not the other way around because I am markedly more weak than usual. I don't even know I have a fever until I get extremely weak and then think,"OH I bet I have a low grade fever." I take 2 Advil and most of the time, this breaks the fever and I feel ok. Also, my lips will burn and crack after/during the fever. I also am convinced that the fever is related to MS. Hope this helped although not very hapy news. If you can take Advil, I suggest that for the fever. Good luck.

jje, Community Member
2/15/11 11:58pm

This is all interesting to me because I run a fever several days a week. Mine are higher though - around 101 is pretty typical even though my normal body temp is low (around 97.6). I also sometimes go as high as 104 or even 105. My MS doc said he thinks their are lesions affecting the temp control area of my brain in my hypothalmus. But he also said fevers were not usually part of MS and that this is rare. It is interesting to me to see so many people running fevers. To me it seems like running a fever would be part of the autoimmune response the way it is for other autoimmune disorders like lupus.


arun, Community Member
2/14/12 10:01pm

hi. my dad has spms and also gets these low grade fever occasionally. whenever he has fever he is significantly weak. but becomes better after adequate rest and antipyretics. every time he gets weak i feel concerned if he could be having a relapse. could that be a possibility. neuro wants to start him on tysabri.

Tamberti4, Community Member
12/31/11 3:14am
I also have a low grade temp 99.2-99.9 when I am fatigued which seems to be most of the time. The odd thing about my fever is that it doesn't measure when taken orally or axillary but when I take it in the ear or forehead it's high. It's like a fever that's only in my head. I had to make my doctor take it three different ways at two seperate visits before she took me seriously and finally documented my fever. No one can explain it to me. I've had this for 3 years and was just diagnosed with MS in April. I have multiple lesions and maybe it does have something to do with location. Try measuring with a tympanic (ear) thermometer when you feel bad and see if it differs from a oral or underarm reading. Reply
None, Community Member
1/31/12 7:00pm
When a doctor or I should say 15 doctors tell you do not have ms maybe you should like for other answers like mental desease or something else. Because I trust 2 doctors and 15 say it then it most be true. Reply
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