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Q: Do you Hear Noises In Your Neck?

For as long as I can remember I have always heard noises in my neck area.  I am not talking about a cracking or bones but a sound of fluid.  Does any one else have this?  Makes me think that the whole venous theory, CCSVI, could have some validity to it. I'm curious if any one else experiences this.

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
7/14/10 12:30pm

Hi Denna,


This is an interesting question.  I have heard the crackling sound before which comes from the bones or ligaments I think.  I hear ringing in my ears all the time.


The only time I hear fluid or whoosing sounds is when I'm dehydrated or lightheaded.  This sound obviously cooresponds with my heart beat.


I'm not sure I've ever hear the fluid sound you describe.  However, I am curious to watch and see where the venous theory (CCSVI) goes over time.  It's very interesting.

mauidol, Community Member
7/14/10 7:13pm


I have tinnitis & dizziness really bad. I take 1 5mg. tablet of valium in the morning and as a result, these symptoms for the most part of disappeared. Only get once in a while. That is better than every day!

Jazzy74, Community Member
7/15/10 10:38pm

Thanks for the reponse Lisa, I too look forward to hearing more solid outcomes of the CCSVI theory.  Many swear by it but it seems like there is still a lot of controversy out there.  It would be nice if we could have someone on the panel of experts research it and have a better understanding for those with questions out there.  I am just glad to see that doctors are bold enough to continue fighting for us and finding more treatments and/or solutions to symptoms. Wink

mauisun, Community Member
7/14/10 7:05pm

I can't believe you are asking this question because I experience the same thing. This is how I can only describe mine. To me it "sounds" like the "fizziness" of the old water years ago. When you go to restaurants or older homes, the water is "fizzy" while you're drinking it. That is what I feel and hear in my neck going up into my head. Recently, it sounds/feels like it is also at the back of my throat. I don't know how I would explain it to a Dr. other than what I just said. Perhaps, the sound of 7-up or even those pop-rocks candy that kids eat. What does yours sound like? I don't know about this venous theory--guess I'll have to look it up. I also have tingling that radiates from my neck and goes up to my head. Somestimes that is accompanied by dizziness. Anyway, the "fizziness" in my neck mainly happens first thing in the morning after I awake, but can happen at other times too. It annoys me!!

Jazzy74, Community Member
7/15/10 10:34pm

Yes, mine seems to happen randomly.  I have tried to track it to see if it corresponds with anything and haven't been able to connect it.  I would definitely take the time to read up on the CCSVI and see what your take is on it.  I am looking forward to hearing more from the group in Buffalo and their results. , you can also google CCSVI and pull up a lot of information, just make sure it is from a good resource, there is a lot of negative information on it out there.

thelambsink, Community Member
8/ 6/10 12:42pm

hey I thought it odd when I started to hear noises coming from my neck but I found it freaky when they started to come from my brain. I feel that settling feeling in my brain but being we have this disease we also have muscle spasms and the brain is the biggest muscle we have. Perhaps some lite exercises with your neck will lossen the tighteness we have. This is just one of those things that come with the disease. don't fret too much over it unless the neck starts to freeze up on you then go to your docs. bye for now

Elle, Community Member
7/24/11 7:05pm

I do not have a MS dx as of yet.  I have however been told it cannot be ruled out.

I have the swishing fluid sound in the back of my neck. I knew exactly what you meant when I read this.  It's been noted in my medical records, but I was never told that it was anything.  This started a few years ago....that's why it's so noticeable to me.

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