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Thursday, July 09, 2009 Meme, Community Member, asks

Q: I am having muscle spasms in my arms & legs, also my feet & hands. What can I do?

I am having muscle spasms in my arms and legs, and also in my feet and hands. What can I do? I am taking a muscle relaxer, but it helps for only a short time. I try to move around as much as possible, and I still can do some housework, just slowly. I also get in a tub (with lukewarm water) that has the therapy jets almost daily.  These are new symptoms for me, and I'm wondering how long they will last and if there is anything else I can do to ease them.

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djax59, Community Member
7/11/09 1:53am

my pc messed up so i don't know if this was sent or not so i/ll try again-- for the spasticity ask your dr about baclofen or tizanidine. i'm sure there are more,but these are the 2 i've taken. i know these spasms can be painful and bothersome.i've been having them on and off for20yrs. whenever you have new symptoms or some that last more than a day or so-call your neuro's office-that's what he trained for-and what we pay him for.take care-djax59

Meme, Community Member
7/11/09 10:06am

thank you--all of this is new to me.  I had symptoms about 5 years ago, no diagnosis

now they are back big time.  I appreciate the help.

djax59, Community Member
7/11/09 3:47pm

meme,i'm having trouble geting back to read your reply-i'm not ignoring you-i don' know if it's me or the #s they put up can u please try again?

Meme, Community Member
7/11/09 7:20pm

Thank you. I am now on two muscle relaxers.  The tizadine as you said and also Soma.


I can't tell if they are helping or not.  The spasms are still hitting in random places


more on my legs than arms and my feet and hands are still "drawing".  I think the worst


ones have been in the arches of my feet.  Did not sleep a lot last night, hopefully I


will be so tired tonight I will just sleep and not wake up (wishful thinking).  Anyway,


thank-you for your advice, anythong to try to get better.  Take care...Meme

KYBlu, Community Member
7/31/09 2:02pm

Not sure if I am having similar symptoms as you or not. Mine or mostly while sitting or laying still for a few minutes. Feels like parts of my body just jerk involuntarily. Can be kind of embarassing. Does this sound similar??

Meme, Community Member
8/ 3/09 10:16am

Yes..Mine seem to be worse at night or if I sit for any length of time.  I guess the ones that are worse are the ones in front of my legs, and when my hands "draw" into spasms.  I am now taking Orphenadrine.  My neuro doctor prescribed it and it helps some, at least the spasm has slowed down.  Hope you can get some releif too...

Amy Tudor, Editor
7/25/14 6:00am

Hi there, Meme -


Did you ever discover what was causing this pain and how to ease it? If so, you might come back to the community and tell us what your doctor said about it and how you managed it. It sounds there like there are other members of the community who might find your experiences useful because they are suffering from similar symptoms! 


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