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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Kim, Community Member, asks

Q: Running and exercise

I am a long distance runner in the process of being diagnosed with MS. My doctor told me to continue running and doing yoga but it's getting very difficult because of the cramping, balance, pain and fatigue. Especially after running. It takes days to recover from a 5K race when I used to run 10 miles on Saturdays. I have run a full marathon (26.2 miles) 2 halfs, 2 15K and many, many 5K races.  I understand I need to change my goals, and I have, but I don't want to give up running completely since MS goes into remmission eventually. I was very active at my gym (I even work there). I have dropped yoga, spin classes and core exercise classes when I realized I could no longer do it all, but I miss the classes and my friends there. I try to run 2-3 times a week for 3-5 miles if I am able. It's getting harder to maintain. Instead of that adrenaline rush after races and exercising, I feel so drained and tired. The nausea and pain in my legs and feet after what used to leave me feeling wonderful makes me wonder if it's worth continuing.


This has been going on since June. Aren't the symptoms only supposed to last a couple months and then kind of go away? Remmission?? AM I making the symptoms last longer when I push myself to run and exercise? There have been times where I couldn't do any of it for a couple weeks at a time, so I have taken breaks. I wish I could find a pattern to this most frustrating thing! I have things to do!!



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momdukes, Community Member
4/14/09 11:57am

Kim, right now I am soooooooooo jealous.  I was a sprintr in school who wanted to run distances but could not; little did I not know MS was lurking in my brain.  Consider yourself very fourtabte that you have been able to enjoy those things.  I am no doctor but it sounds like fatique is starting to rear it's huge ugly head, it is an ugly part of MS I am sure that you have heard of it.  I totally agree with your doctor continue running and doing yoga as long as you can.  The yoga will help your balance.  I have none, but hey I am ging to start yoga, and while striking a pose maybe I will be able to find it.  Hey your life is just starting, enjoy it, this is just a new and different and more challenging chapter.  Life is good, just ask any of us!Kiss

hmking4, Community Member
4/16/09 10:59am

When I was diagnosed in 2003, I already had a lot of lesions in my brain.  I can remember how shocked my family doctor was that I had so many.  I was not having an active MS attack at the time.  I am not sure what that means. But the lesions don't go away.  Some of my neurons are not just damaged, they are dead.  What is very frustrating for me is the lack of information about how the lesions in our brains affect us and cause symptoms.  When you think remission, remember that what is called active MS goes away but your lesions don't.  Also, I believe I read somewhere that whether or not we are in remission, the T-cells are still attacking our neurons.  To avoid more damage, you may want to consider a real change in your lifestyle.  Please don't consider me an expert.  I am just suggesting that you learn more about MS as quickly as you can.  

Cherismoore, Community Member
8/13/09 6:16pm

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Cherismoore, Community Member
8/13/09 6:24pm

Hi Kim,

I just had to answer this because I am going through the same thing. I had been a long distance runner for quite a few years and am really happy now to just run 3 miles. I sure wouldn't have felt like that before! LMBO.

After I run I start dragging my left leg. I trip really easy so I have to be really careful. I live in Florida so the heat really gets to me. I'm not sure if that's what causes the exhaustion or not.

I sure wish you luck because I sure do understand.

I am doing everything I can do (exercise, run, yoga) whenever my body allows me to because the last time I ran I started out and couldn't run...I was kinda hopping on my right leg while dragging my left. It scared me! I ran 3 miles like that, only a runner would understand that!  But it's not going to stop me from doing what I can when I am able! Keep it up,, don't stop...Unless of course your dr tells you to. Mine told me to keep running..........but to use common sense,,yeah telling a runner to take it easy........common sense....LOL

I hope everything gets better


Kim, Community Member
8/13/09 7:50pm

Hi Cheri,


I live in Fla too! North Port. The heat doesn't bother me, if you can believe I don't get a foot drag but I def get very off balance after I run. The nausea gets me worse than any pains do. I am sorry you have these problems too, but I FINALLY have an opinion from someone who understands the fact that common sense is usually absent for us I had (HAD!!!!) a neurologist ask me if I get paid to run because I was so upset about having these problems. When I said no, he just shrugged his shoulders. Like "oh well". I haven't been back to him.


I'm still not diagnosed. I have an artifact on my brain stem that could be the cause of my troubles. Showed up on an MRI 2 weeks ago. I can't really run at this time. I just don't have the energy. I have to walk every 4-5 minutes. I used to run 10 miles without stopping at all. Very frustrating.


Thank you for answering Cheri. It feels sogood to read your letter. (5 times My email is kimsrunningnow at yahoo if you'd like to be pen pals!!!



Jen, Community Member
12/28/10 9:11pm

Kim,  I encourage you to continue running!  I have had MS for 12 years and have been fortunate because I am still able to run.  I used to do more aerobics, walking roller blading and within the last two years started running long distance.  I recently completed a half marathon in October.  I did have problems earlier with vertigo and numbness in my legs, arms etc. but most has gone back to normal except for a slight numbness in my right hand.  I don't know if you're on one of the meds, but I suggest that you get on one. I am on Avonex and have been for 11 years. I do get flulike symptoms, but if I take Advil am usually good by the next day. I have also changed my diet, I eliminated everything that my blood test showed I was allergic to--I went to a holistic Dr.  I also don't eat dairy, gluten, and processed food, hydrogenated oil etc.  I don't eat meat, just fish but you could prob eat chicken.  I eat tons of fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, quinoa and I do eat beans which some people eliminate. I do still eat dark chocolate, without milk, because I am a choc addict.  Many Dr.'s don't think that this diet works, and maybe it doesn't, but I believe that it is worth a try.  Also, try to keep from being discouraged, some symptoms take longer to go away than others so don't give up.  Keep moving.  I do know that I have been lucky and some people do have many more symptoms.  Read the Swank diet and the Ashton Embry  sp?  diet on line!  Good Luck!


Kim, Community Member
12/29/10 9:47am

Hi Jen!

I finally got a diagnosis and I DO NOT have MS! I did post an update in here somewhere when MS was ruled out, I'm so sorry I didn't post it in the correct place!!

I actually have colitis and a spastic colon. This caused such severe dehydration that I was having muscular problems. I also had a blood vessel burst near the brain stem, they're not sure if it was a mini stroke or an annyuerism (spell!!) But I had complex seizures, maybe from that and being dehydrated. It's been a crazy 6 years, but at least we know what the problem is. My right side gets tired easily and I still fall...usually during a long My knees and elbows look like a 6 year old!

I am in full marathon training for the A1A in Ft Lauderdale in late Feb. Running got me through some serious times, not about to stop now. It's hard sometimes but I have a best friend who runs with me and she never leaves me, even when I have a bad run. I take Librax for the pain but it's a sedative...makes running hard. Ran a half in November and crashed at 10 miles (still finished 2:19). Doc said not to take Librax if I'm racing. It's like valuim. (nice to know NOW) Now, if I can get this food thing figured out I'll be all set!!! LOL

Happy running, and I hope you're feeling FABULOUS!!!

Jen, Community Member
12/29/10 12:29pm

Hi,  I never did look at the date on your original post until now.  I guess that was a while ago  :)   Well, I'm glad that it's not MS, although am sorry that you've had to go through so much.  At least they finally diagnosed it though and it sounds like you're doing well and have a great attitude!  Congrats on your half, that's a great time and good luck training for the marathon. I'm thinking of doing one next fall also??  Happy running to you too!!!!

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