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Q: what is the cost of ampyra for the patient?

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Vicki, Health Guide
1/27/10 4:08pm

Hi dearie,

It is exciting, isn't it, thinking of the prospect of walking better!

Ampyra was approved by the FDA only Friday 1/22.  It is expected to be commercially available by March.  Until then, or at least closer to March, the cost may not be determined.

It might be helpful to talk with your insurance carrier or pharmacist, but they probably don't know yet either.

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
1/27/10 10:27pm



Just as Vicki said, the price has not yet been announced.  However, wallstreet analysts are estimating that it may be in the range of $5000-$10,000 or even more.


You can read more about Ampyra here: AMPYRA (dalfampridine) FDA-approved for MS patients: Connie and Melissa share their stories <!-- /awareness month promo --> <!-- content -->

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
2/ 3/10 2:25pm

Acorda announced that the wholesale price has been set at $12,850/year for Ampyra.

Laurie, Community Member
2/11/10 9:27am

Look at the cost of the MS treatment drug you are taking costs - My Beta-Seron costs over $3,000/mo - thank goodness for my insurance (Blue Care Network), my co-pay is only $10.00

Amy Roberts, Community Member
5/22/10 12:07pm

what is cost of ampyra

Amy Roberts, Community Member
5/22/10 12:08pm

what is the cost of amypyra to patient. Is their any help to pay for this drug my insurance will not cover?

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
5/22/10 5:39pm



The cost of the drug for the patient varies depending upon insurance coverage, copay amounts, and having no insurance.  Acord Therapeutics has set up Ampyra Patient Support Services to assist patients in lowering their cost.  My understanding is that for patients who are uninsured may be able to get Ampyra for no cost (likely depending upon income or other financial requirements).


To get started, visit the Ampyra website and work with your doctor to submit your paperwork to receive Ampyra.  For those people who have copays, the program will cover all but $40 of those (in states where that's allowed).


Mary, Community Member
7/17/10 11:05am

hi, my brother in law leaves out side us and has ms. how can i get Ampyra for him and how much would it cost? Thanks.



megaman4u4u, Community Member
1/ 7/12 5:43am

Hi dearie58, I seen your question and wanted to inform you that,1. AMPYRA is available now for Patients since 6/2011.

2. AMPYRA cost approximently around $1.000 dollars for a 30 day supply, the Pharmacy told me the cost, online sources state the cost around $1200.00 dollars.

3. After taking the AMPYRA since 6/11, my wife can only raise her right leg 8 inches off her bed, she can not walk to date, and has to be assisted when standing or transfered to date.

4. My wife receives Disability each Month, her Neourologist prescribed AMPYRA, I took the prescription to have it filled, and my wife's Drug Plan denied it, Her Neourologist on her behalf Appealed it, A few days later my wife received a call from a specialty Pharmacy, and the AMPYRA was shipped overnight to our home, TALK to his Neourologist and your brother present with you, tell them you heard this story.

I hope this helps answer your questions, and this information is accurate from our personal experience


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