• Mary Wilson June 10, 2009
    Mary Wilson
    June 10, 2009

    Jill, yes there is help in paying for the shots. My Dr. just told me he was putting me on Copaxen.When I heard the price of the meds, I of course thought, "well, there is just no way". However, I have since found out that that is not the case, I am on Medicare so they pay for some. However, the biggest part will come from a organization named Shared Solutions. It takes a while,(haven't even started yet) what with financial forms and all that they entail, endless calls, but suffice it to say they will pay all but $20.00 on a $2,700 med. That would surmount to a month at a time. I don't quite remember how I found them,my memory is not my strong suit anymore, but I got a call from them first, I didn't call them. I hope I have been of some help to you. You might want to first check w/your Dr., than the MS society and I am sure they can direct you. Hope some of this helps. Marny

    • JILL
      June 11, 2009
      June 11, 2009

      Thanks so much for you response, I will have to check into that right away. Again I appreciate your help!!! Good Luck to you! Jill

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