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Q: muscle spams and leg aches and pains

How do you stop muscle spasms, pain, and tightness in the legs?

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Merely Me, Health Guide
2/23/09 5:11pm

Hello there


This is a very good question!  We have lots of information about spasms and spasticity right here on MS Health Central.  Just follow this link to read about treatments for this symptom.


There are pretty much two routes to take and that is either through stretching and exercise or through medications.


The National MS Society has an illustrated manual of stretches that you can do with the assistance of a helper.  But please do ask your doctor first if these are okay for you to do.  Also sometimes a physical therapist may be in order to tell you what specific exercises or stretches are best for you.


The link I gave you above can tell you all about the different medications prescribed for spasms, stiffness, and spasticity.  A lot of people seem to do well using Baclofen.  I have some in my cupboard myself.


Sometimes massage can help.  And I will tell you one oddball homespun remedy which works for me but might not work for anyone else.  It seems if I am in the middle of a tic or spasm...that a re-direction of my senses to another part of my in scratching the palm of my hand...sometimes stops the tic or jerking.  But sometimes it doesn't. 


Perhaps others can chime in with what helps them the most with regard to these symptoms.  Remember that none of us are doctors so please do check in with your doctor or neurologist so that they can best assist you.


Thank you for your question!

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