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Monday, August 09, 2010 Debi, Community Member, asks

Q: Cows milk

Regarding milk with ms - I stopped drinking cows milk and went on to goats milk what does anyone think about this or should I cut milk out altogether

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
8/12/10 4:07pm

Hi Debi,


I know that some diet philosophies suggest that we shouldn't drink milk, but I believe that goat's milk is probably somewhat better.  Goat's milk cheese is tasty.


Personally I am lactose intolerant and rarely indulge in real icecream or cheddar cheese.  Yogurt seems to be just fine for me.  Soy milk is a good alternative, however again there are some diet philosophies that believe we shouldn't be eating soy products.


It's hard to know for sure.  What does your body tell you?  How do you feel after you've had any type of milk products?  How do you feel when you haven't have any milk products for a week or two?  I think these answers might provide important clues as to if milk is good FOR YOU!


That's just my personal thoughts on the matter without any additional research.  Good luck in figuring this one out.  Wish I could eat more than 1/2 cup of icecream without getting sick.  Oh well. 


BTW, I'm glad that you found our community.  There are some really supportive folks here.

Ad, Community Member
6/30/12 8:22am

Milk and all milk products should be avoided like the plague! That includes ice cream, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, and kefir.   Many independant  research  studies have shown a link between milk products and cancers of many types, including liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and others.


You know that when women get pregnant their hormones go all out of wack.  A pregnant animal's body produces a lot of estrogens and progesterones.  These are needed to prevent the mother's body from attacking the baby and rejecting it as a foreign body -- and to cause the baby to grow and flourish.   When these pregnancy hormones go into our body, if there is any cancer present, it protects that cancer and causes it to grow, the same as if it was a baby. 


To make matters worse, dairy farmers keep their cows pregnant as much as possible and give them extra growth hormones to increase milk output,  There are 15 times the hormones in cows milk today than there was 50 years ago.  And  cheese contains 10 times more hormones than milk,  and butter 20 times more.  This explains why our children mature at so much earlier age than they used to. The hormones in milk are the same hormones that are given to young men when they request a sex change -- They cause men's breasts to grow, and reduce the amount of facial hair and  I personally believe they are causing some  young men to become gay. 


Also, milk products contain all the other problems that commercially farmed meat does,  these animals are fed antibiotics, sprayed with pesticides and are fed feed contain GMO (genetically modified) corn, all of which shows up in the milk and milk products.


soy contains some vegetable hormones which our bodies recognize as pregnancy hormones, and they will cause the same reaction.  About 95% of the soy grown today is GMO (genetically modified) and laboratory tests done on rats have shown that eating GMO seeds (corn or soy) causes reproductive problems and low birth weight.  When given a choice between GMO grain and regular grain, the animals will instinctively choose the conventional grain and shun the GMO.  That should tell us something.


I have seen the tremendous increase in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Altzheimers and auto immune diseases all of which are on the rise at alarming rates.  I see children being born with autism, allergies and asthma and ADHD, and  I see the childhood diabetes and cancer rates increasing at an alarming rate.   Obesity is rampant even obesity among little children.  These are all food problems. 


The easiest way to protect yourself, your off-spring, and your family from disease is to stop eating all milk products, corn and soy beans, and eat a diet extremely high in ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, eggs and grains and avoid sugar, greatly reduce salt, no fried foods, healthy fats like olive oil and flax oil. And eat as much RAW food as possible, fresh squeezed juices, salads, snacks of raw fruits.  This will increase the strength of your immune system, help you to maintain a healthy weight, and if you do happen to get a small amount of cancer, your body will fix it without terrible chemotherapy or radiation. 


tellnhelen, Community Member
8/15/10 12:06pm

Hi Debi.  Welcome aboard.  I am glad you asked this question.  I have found limiting cows milk to be fact, I did not know I was lactose intolerant until a year or so ago....I'm 56.


I subscribe to the diet rules for MSers that eliminates traditional diary.  I use rice milk and almond milk.  I have not tried goats milk although I like the cheese. If I drink cow milk at all, it will probably be skim and then, just a little.

Debi, Community Member
8/16/10 3:28am

Hello Helen


Thanks for your reply.  I have used rice milk but never tired almond milk.  Will maybe try it and see how it goes. I also need to buy some milk for work as they only provide semi-skim although, as I drink caffeine free tea, I could have it black as I only put a drop of milk in.

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