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Q: Ear ringing



For the past month or so I have noticed that sometimes one of my ears will feel like it's popped (noises sound muffled) and when this happens I have a ringing in that ear. It's always just been either my right or left ear, not both at the same time. Sometimes it comes on for no reason, other times I've noticed that loud noises seem to trigger it. Is this MS, or is it something else? I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks and plan on asking about it then, I just want to make sure I'm not crazy! Smile If anyone has heard of this or has experienced this let me know! Thanks so much!!!!



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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
3/ 1/10 9:52am

Hi Melis,


Just to let you know that I am also an MSer who has constant ringing in her ears.  I had some slight ringing years before dx but thought that it had to do with being a professional brass player and sometimes having to sit in front of trumpets or percussion.


But now in addition to ringing, I will have roaring and am rather sound sensitive.  Like Mike, certain environments truly bother me and often make the ringing louder. Sometimes sounds actually an anvil being struck inside my head.


When I first asked my neurologist about this four years ago, he didn't think that it was MS-related.  But based on how it has changed and really does seem nerve-related, we've determined that I'm just one of the few MSers (he has) to have my auditory nerves affected without visible sign of lesions.


Definitely ask your doctor about it and try to describe what it is like, what triggers it, how does it change (if it does), etc....

Melis, Community Member
3/ 1/10 4:08pm

I have begun to notice that I don't like loud noises. They don't hurt just bothers me when I hear loud noises and if I'm in a restaurant with a lot of people and it's loud I have a hard time tuning it out. If I'm outside and hear construction or if someone is yelling, for example, I sometimes have to cover my ears because I just HATE the loudness. But those are the types of things that I have noticed sometimes trigger it. So thank you for your input. I will definitely be mentioning it to my doctor!

mike, Community Member
2/28/10 11:06pm

Hello, I'm Mike: No you are not alone when it comes to ringing of the ears. As for the crazy part, jury is still out. Feel better? good. Mine started 5-6 yrs. ago,  ringing,sometimes roaring but both at the same time 24/7.This symtom they did'nt  know if it came with MS package or not.Told me to see a ENT. To  late,done been there, no ear infection,no vertigo,mineers,acusticle nueroma,   inner ear things etc.Dx 02-09 now a ear ringing MSer. A few things my ears do  not like. Crowded eateries, too many talking, banging&clanging of dishes&silver. Seems like the volume is up to level pain. I've had to leave a place or two. But  It Is What It Is! Silense can indeed be golden. Not much help, but now you have someone to talk to, if you can hear me. GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS..Mike..

NHL, Community Member
3/ 4/10 1:03am
I have had the ringing of the ears for years - as far back as a young child. I was taken to the Dr. many times with bad ear infections and that would be then end of it. But it has continued on and then I was told about 6 yrs ago that I will probably need a hearing aid in a few yrs or so. I am now 40 and with this I have also had a ? of MS for the past 8 yrs at least. It also seems that the loud noises trigger it, but then mine sometimes come on with no explanation. If one of my ears is toward tin foil (as in with getting highlights) my ears ring so bad that my head will ache or I feel like I am going to pas out. I wish i had answers for you, but I am looking for so many myself. I have spoken to people with MS that have the same symptoms. I am going to keep searching and asking questions. I have let it go for a while because I started feeling a little better and because of answers I have received by different Dr's. I just wanted you to know you're not alone and please push forward - ask the questions I was scared to ask. Good luck and please take care. Reply
Barbara, Community Member
3/ 4/10 2:25am

Amen to the ringing in the ears! For me, made much worse by whistles, I no longer watch football. basketball, hockey nor any sport that uses whistles. BUG ME! Plus, tv being on when trying to listen to someone speak, it over whelms me. I have been to specialists for the ears for years on end. More things that sound strange, I find others with MS telling me "yes, I feel that way too." We are not alone! Even in this weird and wonderful world for us, I am encouraged by all of you, not discouraged!

SDLAMPHERE, Community Member
3/ 4/10 7:24am

I also get the ringing or a buzz in my ears, its almost to the point that it hurts when it occurs.  I do not have it all the time , just once and a while. Mine occurs also in only one ear at a time. It seems to happen for no  reason what so ever....

Proby, Community Member
3/ 4/10 7:52am


Yes, I've had ringing in my ears.  After I started steroid therapy I notice my ears stopped ringing and they were no longer super-sensitive.  I used to have to block my ears when I flushed a public toilet.  I could only talk on the phone on my right ear or I would hear too much background noise from my right ear and I couldn't concentrate.  Unfortunately, I'm almost done my prednisone taper and I'm noticing my ears feel full and sensitive again.  I don't mind the ear issues as much as the double vision and vertigo I had-that was horrible.

Hope that helps!  Have a great day!


tweener8292, Community Member
3/ 4/10 8:03am

I have constant ringing in the ears also.  I never connected it to my MS, but as I reflect on it it did begin around the time when the MS likely began.  Interesting. 

Annielore, Community Member
3/ 4/10 9:19am

I also have ear ringing,and ear noise since 18 years. Sometimes it is at it's worst in the morning when I wake. Although at that time of day,I blame teeth grinding in my sleep.What has worked very well for me has been the constant sound of television in my house.I leave it on all night.It is funny that the only nights it has bothered me,and actually woke me were nights that my tv went off due to a power outage through the night. Apparently,it is the variety of different sounds,ranging from music to spoken words,etc.,that works the best for me.The main thing I find is to 'not' focus in on it,although at times that is more difficult than it sounds. Good luck with carrying on through the many ailments,etc., that we face day to day.Remember you are not alone,and good things are starting to happen in the world of ms.Love,Anne

tweener8292, Community Member
3/ 4/10 1:09pm

Thank you - I appreciate it!

mike, Community Member
3/ 6/10 1:32pm

Hello; I'm Mike, an ear ringing, roaring MSer. I have a low tolerance for pain meds. It does'nt take much, unless the porkupine starts exercising in my head.  Then I bring out the the big guns. For sleep I use somas, they are muscle re-    laxers that have been around for ever. They sure work for me, they remind me  of the 60's, but I don't remember being there. My how the mind wanders.          GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.......Mike....

awordlover, Community Member
3/ 4/10 12:41pm

I started with ringing in the ears when I was 18 or so. I only found one thing that gets rid of it and that is LipoFlavinoid. Available at any pharmacy and online


Follow directions on label and continue to take it for at least two weeks. Wean down and then off of it.  Only take it again if the ringing comes back - which for me is usually only when I have a sinus infection or allergies are acting up.


Hope that helps,


mike, Community Member
3/ 4/10 10:18pm

Hello Anne; I'm Mike, thank you for passing this on. The way I look at my MS, is to try new or different meds. as needed. I'm in the process of finding document- ation on natural, herbal, trees, old timey remidies, jury still out on Voodo. Some natural stuff from ancient times, is illegal! What's up with that? I've said this be- fore, & i'll say it again. If dog poop would make me feel better, I would own a dog kennel. Mr. spaz is making a visit, starting to make too many errors. By the  way, you have something for Mr spaz.  Well thanks again. GOD BLESS YOU &     YOURS.........MIKE..........

awordlover, Community Member
3/ 6/10 11:58am

By Mr. Spaz, I take it that you mean spasms.  It appears that Baclofen is the school of thought for treatment.


I, myself, use Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM and bananas. I haven't had a leg or arm spasm since three days after starting the Glucosamine Chondroitin.  The bananas are good for spasms, charley horses, etc. It is the potassium in them that is the active ingredient.


I hope that helps,


mike, Community Member
3/ 6/10 12:55pm

Hello Anne; Hope your having a good one! Thank you for suggesting what you use for spasticity. I'll try it. Still no Drs. or Clinics exspressing any interest in    seeking the benefits of dog poop, if any, oh well maybe someday....               GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS..........Mike.......

hmking4, Community Member
3/ 8/10 9:58am

I'm so glad you asked this question!.  You describe perfectly that occasional "deafness" I experience about one or twice a month.  It is very disconcerting.  I hear like I've suddenly been submerged in water.  Like Mike, my neurologist sent me to an ENT when I complained of this sudden "deafness."  I had also mentioned that periodically I had ringing of the ears especially at night.  I also heard punk rock music for a couple of years during quiet times of the day and at night.  Specialist found I had near perfect hearing.  LOL Now, I just hear some kind of sound when I rest on my left ear.  One doctor told me that lesions or damage to the pons area are associated with hearing music when there is no music playing. MRIs show lesions in my pons area.  I think sudden "deafness" for me may be related to balance, dizziness, and vertigo problems.

malanda stanford, Community Member
2/11/13 7:46am

my left ear has been ringing for the past 3 weeks,i've been to 2 different doctors one them as ordered a mri to see if i've a tumor or multiple sclerosis.this constant ringing in my left ear is driving me nuts it also hurts real bad.does any one else have the same problem has i do?


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