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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Audra, Community Member, asks

Q: MS and Alcohol

Just curious if anyone has had an increased intolerance to alcohol. I noticed in the last year that I have been ill that I just can't even have a glass of wine or a beer. I can't have one drink without just feeling horrible. Wasn't sure if this was common amoung MS or not.



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Vicki, Health Guide
9/23/09 11:58pm

Hi Audra,

This is a popular topic.  We have to give up so many things, it seems unfair to have to forego wine or beer as well, but that is a real possibility.

Earlier this year I answered a similar question.  Here is part of that answer:

"Yes, you can still have wine 'once in a while.'  The key is moderation.


And here's more good news if your preferred wine is red.  There is a theory that a glass of red wine may even be beneficial!"

Let me highlight that.  Red wine in moderation might actually have a positive reaction with MS molecules.

Let's go a step further.  You don't mention if you are taking any diseases-modifying drugs.  Just in case, let me refer you to another question answered by Merely Me that was specific to drinking beer while taking Rebif.  That does not sound like a good idea.

Last year Merely Me explored the relationship between MS and alcohol in a sharepost.

There is quite a bit of information, but there is not one clear answer.  The best course of action is to talk to your doctor who is familiar with your particular situation.  Then, if you pick up a glass of wine or beer, remember not to overdo it.

Good luck.

momdukes, Community Member
9/23/09 2:09pm

Audra, I am not sure, but it may not agree with you MS meds, I do not know, or it may not go good with what MS does to our bodies.  As for me, with MS I already do not have any balance, so if I were to add alcohol I would probably break both of my ankles.  I have a brand new bottle of wine on my kitchen table that a friend of mine gave me, but with my MS meds it say nbo alcohol so I have to obey it is just the way of life now.  So I think that it is the MS.  sherry/smomdukesKiss

Audra, Community Member
9/23/09 2:20pm

Go Figure!! I haven't started any meds yet. I'm still going over that with my neuro. I don't typically drink anyways but can always go for a glass of wine with a romantic dinner here and there but my body just does not like it. It makes me sick right from the jump and it actually intensifys any body pains. I guess I'll have to have the "childrens wine" as I like to call it (white grape fruit juice)!


Thanks SherryWink

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