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Wednesday, October 01, 2008 miamigirl, Community Member, asks

Q: how long do episodes of vertigo last usually

i was diagnosed 6 months ago withh MS, i thought i was responding well to copaxone(my right sided weakness and numbness was much better, then 1 week ago i awoke to find objects moving and bobbing across acround (I had been very , very stressed at work in the previous week). It's very frightening, I have to limit my driving, I'm wondering if I will be able to continue working as it's difficult to read. does vertigo improve? how long usually before there is improvement?

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
10/ 2/08 12:00am

Hi and welcome to Multiple Sclerosis Central.  There's lots of folks here with a variety of experiences.  But I don't personally have experience with vertigo. 


Some previous posts in the community regarding vertigo:


Dr. Gross - Vertigo and Eye Movements in Multiple Sclerosis


Mandy - It's Not Hitchcock's Vertigo: Vertigo Symptoms and Treatment


Definitely read Mandy's post - lots of great information there.  And it's good to hear that Copaxone is working well for you.  I hope that you come back to let us know how you're doing.  Lots of support here.


Glenn klug, Community Member
9/11/09 8:21pm

I was diagnosed in 2004 with M.S. With  my first episode I experienced vertigo. I awoke about 5 in the morning by my room spinning to the point of vomiting . Thinking i had come down with something i just sat on the bathroom floor for 2 hours hugging the porcelin king. But after 3 hours I started to get worried because it hadn't let up any. I then woke up my wife who is a nurse and she took me to the hospital. The doctors after many tests and MRIs told me I had ms. Now 5 years later I am still dizzy 24/7 bad weather makes it worse but I have learned to live with it and the ms although sometimes it's challenging. I have my own auto repair business and no-one except my son working for me. Hopefully your vertigo will subside but is something you can live with it, just takes some getting use to. Best of luck to you and God bless

miamigirl, Community Member
9/12/09 12:34am

my vertigo started improving within an hour of starting intravenous steroids, and improved progressively then completely resolved around 3 weeks later, thank God. it represented a brain stem exacerbation of the MS. i am sorry to hear that your vertigo has persisted. have you tried a customized program of vestibular exercises by a physical therapist trained in vestibular rehabilitation?   

Glenn klug, Community Member
9/12/09 5:43pm

I've tried all kinds of drugs nothing helps. I finally asked my neurologist about it, who then looked at my first MRI and told me I have 2 black holes where vertigo and balance is controled and there is nothing that they can do' so I live with it. But it's o.k. I'm still living and that's all that counts  thanx

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