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  • momdukes June 16, 2009
    June 16, 2009

    Now that is something that she will have to be the judge of herself.  Most of the time, heat zaps the strength from people with MS.  When I say zap I mean takes it to the point as to where sometimes a person can hardly move.  Speaking for myself, I use to love the sauna, hot tubs, and tanning booths, and lay out in the sun in the summer time and get my yearly tan.  Those things are now offically a thing of the past thanks to MS.  Tell your daugther just to be very careful, tread lightly heat is not a friend of MS.  It feels good, but it is a cunning enemy.  Please tell her to be careful Sherry/smomdukesKiss

  • fullcourtcoach December 28, 2010
    December 28, 2010

    Obviously this is a personal decision that must be made by your daughter with hopefully the help of her physician. However, I would strongly caution against it. It is well documented that persons with MS who are exposed to conditions like that of hot tubs are at high risk for symptom flare-up and may lead to loss of function that might never be regained. My neurologist has been working in this field for over 30 years and has told me the horror stories about what would happen when they would expose people to what basically was a hot tub to see what would happen (remember that MRIs haven't always been around) and assist in the diagnosis of MS. Unfortunately, some of the damage became permanent.


    On a more personal note, I can attest to what a hot bath would do. I took one a couple weeks ago and have been in the hospital ever since. I lost the use of my right foot/leg and ended up extremely ill. My body is now extremely sensitive to heat, and we have the temperature set to 60 degrees in my hospital room despite the fact it is 20 degrees outside...and even then, I sweat through one hospital gown after another.


    Please advise your daughter to be extremely cautious. Hot tubs are dangerous for persons with a host of medical conditions, but particularly MS.

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