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Q: Acupunture and spasticity

Has anyone tried acupuncture for the spasticity in their legs? I used to get leg masages and that really helped.

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Vicki, Health Guide
7/20/10 6:52pm

Hi Pokey48,

Yes, some people have tried acupuncture to reduce pain and discomfort caused by MS symptoms. In fact, about 20% of MSers have tried acupuncture.

There is a lot of anecdotal information, but it tells two stories. There are some stories that say acupuncture really helps where pain is concerned. However, there are other accounts of acupuncture actually leading to, and perhaps causing, relapses. The National MS Society recommends caution.

Your description, talking about massages is telling. There are two therapies that may be helpful for you.

First there is massage therapy. I have had my legs massaged, and they were relaxed for several days after that. I had them worked on by massage therapists as well as a yoga instructer with similar results.

The second therapy is acupressure. This seems to combine your interest of massage and your interest in massage. Talk with your doctor to determine if one of these therapies might be helpful.

I hope this was helpful to you. Other people who have tried it may respond to give you a better idea. Good luck.

Pokey48, Community Member
7/20/10 7:43pm

Thank you so much responding. I will talk my doctor about it.  The MS Society has changed over the years.  In 1985, I remember talking to them and they suggested no exercise, no walking.  We know different now.  But when I heard that I was 24 and said no that I was going to do what I can as long as I can.  I went out and bought me some leg weights and started going for walks.  The ms didn't slow me down until 2002.  I had been a secretary for 20 years.  I started losing my ability to remember, multi-task, remember how do things and the list goes on.   Anyway, once that started happening I couldn't keep a job and had to file for SSDI.  It was a army neurologists that told me that I had ms and I would end up in a wheelchair in 10 years.  No hope.  I started seeing a very good and exceptional chiropractor at the time.  In 2 weeks, the numbness on my left side was gone and I had no more symptoms for a long time.  So what I am trying to say, I will check it out when and if I ever get money to cover it because it can't hurt you, the needles don't go deep enough.  I have seen a friend of mine give herself the avonex shots and it went in her siactic nerve and cause her to be in bed for 24 hours and she didn't know that she was doing it wrong.


Again, thanks for replying and I will ask my neurologists next time I see him.



Vicki, Health Guide
7/28/10 5:54am

Hi Kim, You are right about the changes, and about the needles for disease modufying drugs.

If you see something you believe in, go for it. Always come back and tell us how it worked!

Thanks, Kim, and as always, good luck.

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