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Monday, August 10, 2009 AshleySmashly, Community Member, asks

Q: I think, I have MS...

About 3 weeks ago, I had finally had it...I was just not feeling better and went to the doctor. I was just tired of being tired and feeling sick. I just did not feel good. I had an a sharp burning pain in my chest and arm, which I needed him to check out. They did a stress test and ekg and everything looked OK. Within days, I began getting a sensation, I can only describe as "Bee Stings" all over my body. It was aweful! Especially the ones; on the bottom of my feet. Then, I began itching and having small very acute burning sentsationon my hands, arms, legs, feet and face. I thought maybe, I had an algeric reaction to something...days past and I went back to the doctor and just completely broke down. I told him, very seriously that I knew sopmething was wrong with me. I can't put my thoughts together to complete a conversation, I am seeing things, I hurt constently, I am very emotional, I have burning and itching all over my legs and arms, I feel like either something is crawling on my extrimities, I get dizzy, I have trouble swallowing and I am tired constintently and I feel like I am losing my mind...and all of this has just suddenly became acute and I wasn't even acknowledging the precursor symptoms... I just want someone to tell me what's wrong with me.

So, please if anyone of you have suggestions or similar experiences of some of this; please respond.

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide
8/10/09 2:16pm

Hi Ashley,


Holly has given a wonderful response and has said many of the things I would have said.  So rather than repeat her, I'll point you to a post which may give you an idea of the diagnosis process for MS. 


Read - The Beginner's Guide to MS: Do I have MS? What does it take to get diagnosed with MS?  Be sure to follow all of the links to further information to get you started.  Also through our section called Understanding Multiple Sclerosis.


I hope that this helps.


Hollyk, Community Member
8/10/09 1:58pm

Welcome!  I'm not a doctor; but am a patient in Limbo.  If there hasn't been any testing done yet, it could be little early to assume MS.  There are many mimickers that can have similar symptoms; but are treatable.  It is very stressful to be sick and not to know what is wrong with you-that stress can build as you get testing done without a definitive result.  I've been doing this for over 3 years-the closest diagnosis I've recieved is Possible MS; however, the neurologists I've seen are like dualing pianos who can't agree on what song to play.  I've had all other mimickers ruled out and I still have no firm diagnosis.  I tell this to you not to scare you; but to let you know that this may or may not be a long ride.  There is no definitive test for MS; more like a ruling out process.  Some patients are fortunate enough to receive a quick diagnosis; but not one of us is lucky to have it.


My suggestion to you is to find a good doctor who will listen and help you find the answers.  Be prepared for a LOT of blood testing, a MRI, and possibly even neuro psych testing.  The most important thing is to list out all of your symptoms in a journal list dates-keep track of when your symptoms occur and for how long.  Also keep track of when you are symptom free-when it happened and how long.  Make notations of any thing that you might have changed in your diet or new stress/old stress that has been exacerbated by anything.  Keep a support network and don't go in it alone. 


I hope this helps-I know it is scary and it can make you feel nuts-most everyone here has been through something similar.

AshleySmashly, Community Member
8/10/09 5:24pm

Thank you all; for your responses. I had a pretty decent visit with the Doctor. He had me tested for Neuro-Toxins and Heavy Metals. He has also scheduled an MRI for Wed. He was really concerned with heavy metal poisoning...It would not surprise me. I live beside a Bay has had issues with Mercury levels. Never the less, I have 7 family members that have MS, six of which have passed on. So, M.S. is certainly something that I would like ruled out.

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