Saturday, November 28, 2015

People Who Are Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Lisa Emrich

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide

Musician, Patient Advocate, Author of 'Brass and Ivory' blog, and Founder of the 'Carnival of MS Bloggers'

Being In Limbo Can Be Frightening

A strange benefit to having lived with MS and RA for about a decade is that the emotions surrounding the diagnoses become a distant memory. While I’ve often said that each new relapse or flare-up can re-launch you on the rollercoaster of uncertainty associated with living with progressive, chronic diseases, the fear and doubt pale... Read moreChevron

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Amy Gurowitz

Amy Gurowitz, Health Guide

Writer, Educational Designer, Non-Profit Founder, Dx in 1988

An American [Person with MS] in Paris


After much planning and speculating, as well as a week of the London experience under our belts, we boarded the Eurostar for our destination deux: Paris Gare du Nord. Leaving the comforts of family (a.k.a. the best tour guides,... Read moreChevron

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Vicki, Health Guide

Vicki was a Health Guide with Secondary Progressive MS and Osteoporosis. She passed away in January 2014. We continue to find great value in her posts—she will be missed.

Pinterest - MS Central Question of the Week

Do you use Pinterest? This is something like a billboard made up of images of interests and hobbies. It can be fun, and maybe educational, too. Living with MS is easier when we take breaks, and Pinterest is one good way to... Read moreChevron

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momdukes, Community Member

I love crafts, and reading, taking photos.

Been AWhile

Hi Lisa, It has been a long while since I have posted anything.  That does not mean you guys gave not been on my mind.  I am on the new drug.  When I went to th doctor the other day the nurse asked me how was it going with the new drug, I told her that if I had the new drug probably about nine years ago I probably would be able... Read moreChevron