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Suz, Community Member

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Runaway Train

Hi.  In 2008 I had my first significant attack.  I had lots of ambiguous symptoms for years before big flare, that I now clearly attribute to first signs of MS.   It's  been 8 years since I've been to my first neurologist and it's like a runaway train.  Which leaves me asking was there something I could have done or should have done... Read moreChevron


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Breathing issues-related or no

My MS has been on a rampage of late-stress can bring it on as can illness and I got hit with both.  The scariest thing was that I awoke from my sleep unable to breathe-I couldn't move air out or in.  It only lasted for a few seconds; but felt like forever and it came back little breaths at a time; as if my lungs had deflated and it... Read moreChevron


MissouriMom, Community Member


Still adjusting to the MS Diagnosis

In a previous posted I shared that I received my official MS diagnosis of RRMS on February 7,2011, which came as a result of bilateral optic neuritis and pain like I have never felt in my life!  Thank goodness the headache and eye pain are for the most part gone, although I still experience both in bright light or sunshine and my vision... Read moreChevron

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KJ, Community Member

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PTSD and Sleep Disorders

I am a veteran who suffers from PTSD and some neurological problems. I have worked through a regimen of cognitive behavioral therapy (which helped a lot!) and took a low does of Citalopram for depression until relatively recently.


Several weeks ago I underwent a sleep study with the Veterans Administration to... Read moreChevron


ckosmo, Community Member


Clean spinal MRI, now what?

Got spinal MRI with contrast, came back normal. Had a head one about a month ago, no contrast normal also. Had symptoms for about 3 months. Had every blood test and evoked response(pretty normal according to nuero), guess it's not MS. Any other ideas. Main symptoms, tingling numbness in hands and feet. Legs go to sleep at times when walking etc... Read moreChevron