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Gina Gunkel is a wife, mother and accomplished photographer. In 1999 she published a collection of her photographs in the book Incidental Heroes: Disabling Myths about Multiple Sclerosis.

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Gina Gunkel is a photographer and author of Incidental Heroes: Disabling Myths about Multiple Sclerosis. Gina’s book is a collection of photographs of people living their everyday lives with multiple sclerosis. Gina’s hope in publishing Incidental Heroes was to fight the stigma associated with the disease. Gina, who lives with multiple sclerosis herself, draws strength from her work and her husband, Tim. Gina says, “When it comes to me living with MS, I always try to see the positive side of things.  There are so many symptoms that might happen – but also might not – so I try to go for the more positive approach.  I like to plan my life without MS.”  Gina’s goal is to help others who suffer from MS see positively through her weekly posts.  

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