Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Checklist

Multiple sclerosis symptoms appear in many different ways and it often helps to review a checklist. Usually people experience an isolated, single attack of multiple sclerosis symptoms between the ages of 20 and 50 years old. In some cases this initial attack’s symptoms are minor enough that people don’t seek medical help. Early symptoms of multiple sclerosis include vision issues, numbness, weakness and spasms in muscles, balance problems and fatigue.

Vision problems which are a symptom of multiple sclerosis are when nerves in the eye get inflamed. This can cause blurry or double vision, likely because of the impact to one eye and not the other. Vision is an ongoing symptom of multiple sclerosis as the disease progresses. Another symptom of multiple sclerosis is the feeling of tingling, crawling or even burning. Symptoms may start at arm or leg joints and work their way out to your extremities. Another symptom having to do with your legs is weakness, as many people notice clumsiness or spasticity in their legs. The most common symptom of multiple sclerosis is pain with nearly two thirds of patients having pain at some point and 40% never live without pain. In addition to the above symptoms here is a more extensive checklist of multiple sclerosis symptoms: sexual issues, speech problems, forgetfulness, moodiness, bladder issues, spasms and cramps, itching or burning and many other kinds of pain.

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