Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Have your or a loved one just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?  

A Guide to MS for Beginners

Just Diagnosed?       

  • Doctor
    Early diagnosis is critical for multiple sclerosis patients. Find out what tests your doctor may prescribe to determine if you have MS.
  • doctor with patient
    MS Diagnosis: Now What?
    You've just received a diagnosis. You have Multiple Sclerosis. Where do you go from here? Expert patient Mandy Crest uses personal experience to advise you on your next steps. 
  • child with father
    Sharing your MS Diagnosis
    You've just been diagnosed, now your concern is telling family and friends. Your health status is a very personal issue and there is no one correct formula for sharing the news.
  • stacked books
    Keep an MS Diary
    Recording symptoms and their duration, keeping track of doctor visits and test results gives you control over your own medical history.

Featured MS Videos

  • MRI test
    Quicker Diagnosis for MS
    MRI technology is now helping doctors get a closer look at the brain and spinal cord to help make a quicker MS diagnosis.