Home Accommodations for Multiple Sclerosis

Living with multiple sclerosis often means making lifestyle changes, big and small. While it is very difficult to take that first step and admit that you need some type of assistance, once you make the necessary accommodations for your disabilities you will find that it actually empowers you. You will be more in control and less dependent upon others.

There are many things you can do to make life easier, some I've done, some I haven't needed to do yet. Take advantage of these and any other methods available to improve your quality of life.


Buying a cane was the first purchase I made after diagnosis. It really brought the reality of MS home. It was clear that I needed one, but I was reluctant to actually do it. My husband, watching me look at canes online said, “If you're going to get a cane, GET A CANE!”. That's how I ended up with a red paisley adjustable folding cane. It immediately improved my gait and allowed me to appear in public looking like I didn't actually need a cane. There is even a cane with a built-in stool seat to give you a rest when you need it. It's not particularly attractive but it has the potential to save the day.

Shower Chair

If standing for long periods of time is a problem, being able to sit in the shower, even for a few moments, can make your morning routine much easier.Shower Grab Bars

With this simple installation you can avoid a dangerous fall.

Hair Dryer Stand

Now that you are safely out of the shower, this handy helper will hold the hair dryer for you while you brush and style, giving your arms a break.


This is a tough one, but if the situation calls for it get yourself a wheelchair. You can purchase a lightweight, folding wheelchair which can easily store in your car or even on an airplane. It follows that if you need a wheelchair around your own home that additional adjustments, such as a wheelchair ramp, and widened doorways must be made.

Kitchen Stool

A tall stool gives you the height you need to comfortably work on kitchen countertops.


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