Making the Decision to Lose Weight

Chef Krista Health Guide April 01, 2010
  • Hi folks, my name is Krista Baber; I am not a writer, and I'm 40 years old. I'm the mother of two kids, ages three and six. I'm also a road biker, cross county skier, painter, personal chef and small business owner.

    Over the past three years I have stepped back from the brink of total health collapse. At one point I was at least a hundred pounds overweight, showing signs of insulin resistance, pre-diabetic, and generally on the cusp of serious health problems. Now I'm a fit road biker with plans to race this year.

    Want to know how I did it? Well, it was not pretty, it was not easy, and it took a long time, but I did it solo and without any medical intervention. I'm happy to share my story with you, because I'm damn proud of how it went. I know some good tricks, and I have some funny stories of my adventures along the way.

    Let's talk about my "light bulb" moment (of what drunks call the "moment of clarity" in AA meetings). 

    Easter 2006, and as usual I started buying candy three weeks before the actual holiday. I would sit on the couch and get comfy with a bag of candy. I remember this well; it would start with a few handfuls, then half the bag would be empty; then I just had to finish it off, the thought of a few pieces left in the bag always bothered me. We must finish what we start, right?

    So, I had this bag of chocolate eggs, and I remember how good they tasted; at that moment I gave myself full permission to eat the whole thing. By the time I got halfway done, the candy coating started to cut up the roof of my mouth, but I was on this twisted mission to finish it. If I could eat the whole bag quickly then it was like it never existed, just my little secret. I would tuck the empty candy wrappers deep in the trash so no one would know.

    OK, I had just eaten an entire bag of candy in less than 40 minutes. The happiness that came with the first few pieces was just a memory. Now I was full and sick. I got up to tend to my baby girl when all of a sudden I felt weird and dizzy. All I wanted to do was lie down. I managed to crawl into bed and call my husband on the house phone's intercom function. "I feel sick, I need you to come down ...."

    I went comatose in the bed for at least two hours. Finally my head began to clear. I felt awful: shame mixed with sickness. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I looked sad, puffy, lost. I knew it was bad; I had a problem. 

    For a long time I blamed my pregnancy and my role as a new mother for my mood swings, anger, depression, solitude, lack of energy. I thought maybe my hormones were still in flux from breastfeeding. I started researching hormone imbalance. I read everything I could find. That's when I learned about insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, and (scariest of all) type 2 diabetes. 

    I decided to change my diet; I joined the local gym, and I made a commitment to myself to get healthy. The first time I got on the scale, I weighed in at 250lb. Holy crap! This was real.


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