How to Integrate Free Weights into a Workout

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  • I want to share my story about the daily challenge of being on a health and fitness plan; it's been over three years now and I'm still on my journey. As I write this blog, I try my best to remember what it was like to be a hundred pounds overweight, to feel tired and frustrated on this seemingly endless weight loss battle. I remember wondering, "Does it ever get better? And when does that happen?"

    It's important to revisit the story of how I got into weight training, since it made such a huge difference in my attitude and overall appearance. First of all, It took me about four months to get the courage to walk over to the weight lifting area of my gym. I had this awful underlying feeling, an inner dialog, which told me "I'm not good enough to even be over here", "this is where the fit people hang out," "they all look so confident" ... "what was I thinking, I don't belong!"  ... ugh!  Shut up stupid self-hate voice!

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    So, I gathered my nerve and walked over to the free weights area, (free weights are the dumbbells and benches) I sat on the bench and did some bicep curls, some presses, some flys, um ... I think I did some shoulder stuff, too. That was the extent of what I knew from looking at the black and white photos from an old Arnold book. Whatever!  It felt good, and I was sweating, a surge of toughness kicked in and I felt kind of fired up. I left the gym and decided to find more weight lifting exercises on the internet. The next day, I came in and tried some new moves; this was the start of something beautiful.

    I now had a new routine, thirty minutes of cardo on the beloved machines, then thirty minutes of strength training. I started to mix it up too, walking, biking, elliptical, free weights, sit-ups, and some stretching after. I was beginning to get a real program going. I remember, as I started to learn more new exercises, the time at the gym passed more quickly; soon thirty minutes wasn't enough for me to get a good weight training session, I suddenly needed an hour and a half to do what I wanted.

    Here is cool memory -- as I became a regular in the weight area, the other regulars started to notice me. Don't get me wrong, I was still really shy and didn't talk much, but one day I got an approving head nod form one of the big guys, and it felt great! Yeah, that's right, I still might be fat and unskilled, but I was lifting four days a week and that's what it was all about.

    The trick to losing weight and beoming healthy is keep learning and never stop challengeing yourself. Like I said at the begining of this entry, I'm still on my journey. l find overcoming fear and pushing thorugh my latest mental challenge the key to happiness. Remember, you get to make yourself anything you want!

Published On: August 26, 2010