Core Activation Helps Burn More Calories

Jason Chiero, CPT Health Guide
  • Welcome back!  This is my  4th shared post focusing on obesity, movement and exercise.  If you have not yet taken time to read the others I encourage you to do so in order to get the maximum benefit from this series. 


    In my last post "Environment + Safety + Enjoyment  - Obesity and Exercise Part #3" I left off having helped readers to identify safe and enjoyable movements/exercises they could do in a comfortable environment so they could gain the benefits of moving more.  In this shared post I want to show you how to add Core Activation to your regular movement patterns so that you can enjoy each of the benefits below in your life:

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    1. Increased Stability


    2. Increased Safety During Movements


    3. Increased Balanced


    4. Increased Strength


    5. Increased Calorie Burn


    The best way for me to show you exactly how to activate you core and apply this application method to your daily movements is to have you view the video below:


    ===> Core Activation Video <===


    So go ahead and watch the short video at the link above then come right back here to read the rest of this shared post.


    O.K. now that you understand the "How" of activating your core, I want to give you the #1 fact about core activation:


    ***Adding core activation to your movement patterns and exercises is the closest thing to a "Magic Bullet" you will learn in overcoming any movement challenge***

    When you add core activation to walking, you will walk better.  When you add core activation to exercises you will decrease your risk of injury.  When you add core activation to resistance training you will be stronger.  When you add core activation to your posture while sitting or standing you will decrease joint pain.  It is just that simple.


    In my next shared post in this series I will take a closer look at each of the benefits of core activation to help increase your interest in applying these principles in your daily life.


    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: March 24, 2010