7 Secret Tactics To Minimize Calorie Intake and Still Enjoy Food

Jason Chiero, CPT Health Guide
  • Everybody loves a good secret, and everyone wants to get hooked up with a great deal or free secret information.  Well I want to hook you up!  I want to give you 7 Secrets To Minimizing Your Calorie Intake while Feeling Satisfied!


    1. Drink water 1st. At the first sign of hunger grab a glass of water, not a Little Debbie snack cake. Many times our body indicates it is thirsty through a feeling of hunger. When you drink a glass of water, your hunger will often subside since many times you are hungry not thirsty.


    2. Dressings, Gravy and Condiments on the Side Please. This one is especially important when eating out. Here is how it works. When ordering tell your server that you would like your salad with the dressing on the side. Once your salad and dressing arrive take your fork and apply the dressing yourself. When you apply the dressing yourself you eat approximately 2/3 of the dressing you would otherwise have eaten, and you still get the taste.

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    3. Never Eat Out When You Are Hungry, Eat Something Before You Go. Right before you leave your house to eat out, drink a glass of water and have a piece of fruit. This will get rid of intense hunger. This works so well that many times you will be satisfied sharing your meal or simply ordering an appetizer and a salad.


    4. Prepare and Pre- Plan Your Meals. Grab your calendar and sit down, this activity will never allow you to be hungry and dependent on fast food again. Look at each day of the upcoming week. When will you have time to eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks? Identify the time and mark it off in your calendar. Also consider each meal, what will you eat? Once you have decided what you will eat, write it down so that you can make a grocery list with it. Finally, when will you prepare each meal, identify the time and write it down. When you have done this activity for 4 weeks it will become habit.


    5. Meet with a Nutritionist. Call your family doctor and ask them to recommend a nutritionist they trust. Once you have their information call the nutritionist and make an appointment. There are many things you will learn from this meeting. Two very important items are the amount of calories you should be taking in and your macronutrient profile. If you are smart and you bring your notes from your meal planning and prep, you can take it with you. This way you and the Dietitian can make the necessary changes to your plan immediately.


    6.  Start Reading Labels and Avoid Foods made with Sugar and Oil. This one is simple yet powerful. Remember I am not suggesting that you develop an overnight understanding of all food labels, just simply, put the food down that has sugar and oil in it. It will blow your mind when you learn how many of your favorite things contain these ingredients.


    7. Learn How to Shop at the Grocery Store. To do this, all you have to do is follow a few rules. First always go with a list (hopefully the list you created in your planning and prep). Next try to stick with frozen or fresh, not canned food (although you should probably have some canned food in case of emergency). Finally, you should shop almost entirely on the outside portions of the store. The outer isles are where you will find most of your fresh foods. The inside isles will have foods that are high calorie and somehow modified, meaning lots of sugars, flowers and salts.


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    O.K. now you have the 7 secrets.  Before you get too excited and try to change everything overnight let me give you one last piece of advice.  Choose the 2 easiest secrets for you to implement first and start doing them right away.  After you've successfully done that, add a few more changes until you have implemented the entire list!


    I promise you will change the way you look and feel!


    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT




Published On: November 19, 2009