Obesity Can Hinder Weight Loss Efforts: Mobility Issues

Jason Chiero, CPT Health Guide
  • I want to say up front that this will not be another article directed at people who struggle with weight loss telling you to simply eat less or move more.  Even though it is a fact that anyone can lose weight by burning more calories than they take, it is not always that simple for individuals who are overweight or obese.  For someone who is obese moving might be a simple task but it is not easy do. Nor is it easy to join a gym and participate in an exercise training program.


    While I have never been obese I have had to overcome severe mobility issues when I found myself unable to walk because of my deteriorated spinal condition at age 30.  So I have a full and complete understanding of what it is like to have people around you who don't understand the challenges that even small everyday movements can present.  You see I am convinced that there are many people out there who struggle with their overweight condition and would do just about anything to lose weight and feel better.  The problem that many of these people are faced with is; How they can move more when they have no energy, don't feel well ever, are in pain and have very little self confidence?

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    So I have decided to write of series of shared post over the next several weeks that deal directly with the challenge of moving more and exercising even if you are obese.  So if this describes you I want you to promise yourself that you will either subscribe to my shared posts or to re-visit this site every few days for the rest of the month.  I promise you it will make a difference in your ability to move more, exercise and ultimately lose weight.


    Before I end this shared post I need to share something else with you about me.  I am firm believer in doing what is right even in the face of hardship.  I believe in facing your fears head on, and having faith in your ability to achieve extraordinary goals is the starting point. 


    So I am going to ask you to reconsider how you look at your daily activities.  Instead of going through your day steeped in self pity, focused on the things you can't do, I am going to ask you to consider a few small tasks you would like to be able to achieve and take a different perspective on them.  Once you have chosen the tasks you would like to achieve I want you to brainstorm all of the ways you can accomplish these small tasks.  I want you to be creative in what you come up with.  Maybe even writr your ideas down.


    In my upcoming shared post titled "Victorious Mindset - Obesity and Movement", I continue to advance the topic of how you can begin to move more!


    In the meantime I have a video that will be helpful to you.  This video and the others in a recent series I am releasing at my fitness training website people just like you to develop the "Right Resolve" for you to become the person you want to be.  Just visit:




    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: February 18, 2010