Reaching Your First Weight Loss Goal

  • So here it is, twelve weeks since I started on this journey and I have crossed a line.  Not a “line in the sand” type of line, but a line on a chart.  My own personal weight loss chart.  In fact, I was sitting on the line just two weeks ago and this week I’m undeniable on the other side.  The line I am taking about is a weight loss of 5% from my initial starting weight of 271.6 lbs.  


    Another cool fact is that I’m well on my way to the next line on that same chart (see below), the line which indicates a 10% weight loss.  As I get closer and closer to 10%, I’m already thinking about what it might FEEL like to achieve a 20% loss or more.  Not just physically, but emotionally too.  I think that it just may feel really good.

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    But since I would prefer to keep my goals more realistic and my expectations in check, I will continue to take it day-by-day and week-by-week.  One half-pound at a time, knowing that “medically significant weight loss can be as modest as five perfect of initial body weight,” according to the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).


    Admittedly though, now that I’ve surpassed the negative 5% mark - it is actually a 6.9% loss so far in all technicality - I am more determined to achieve the next benchmark of 10%.  Who knows, I might even meet that imaginary line somewhere around the beginning of May.  How cool would THAT be?


    “The vast majority of patients with a percent body fat or BMI that puts them in the top three health risk categories do not lose more than 10-20 percent of initial body weight,” says NIDDK. 


    That quote continues to keep me grounded.  However, I’d still love to see that 20% loss by the end of this year.


    LOL.  I’m laughing at myself a bit because I initially stated that I had no specific goal in mind at the beginning of the year.  But I’m a competitive person at heart and once I see progress, it is almost impossible NOT to want to achieve something significant.  At least I know my inner nature and perhaps can use it to my advantage.  :-)


    BMI and Body Fat Revisited


    So to add a figurative light post along the way, I’d like to take note of other measurements, the type which require a tape measure.  You may recall that I calculated a 39.8% Body Fat Percentage and a 44.6 Body Mass Index (BMI) back in early January.  It was just a short eleven weeks ago.


    Let’s see how I measure up today, March 28, 2010, shall we (including any changes)?


    Weight: 252.9 lbs (-18.7”)

    Height: 5’5”
    Hips: 50” (-2”)
    Calf: 18.5” (-.5”)
    Thigh: 30.5” (-2”)
    Wrist: 6.5” (-.25”)

    For my own reference:

    Waist: 38” (-2”)
    Chest: 44” (-2")
    Neck: 15” (-1”)


    According to the Home Body Fat Test tool, I have 37% body fat with approximately 93.6 lbs of fat and 159.4 lbs of lean (muscle, bone, body water).  This is down from 39.8%.  Nice.


    Today, I’m coming in with a 42 BMI, down from 44.6.  Another 13 lbs and I will cross over the 40 BMI threshold.


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    It seems to be true that even a 5% weight reduction can make a difference, at least it does in the numbers.  Watch for posts in April on MyRACentral where I will discuss how this loss has affected by rheumatoid arthritis.  It a nutshell - positively.


    Weight Loss Chart


    March 28, 2010

    Weight: 252.9 lbs

    Blood Pressure: 127/79

    Pulse: 61


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: April 01, 2010