Remember to Stay Active, Even During the Cold Winter Months

Kimberly Cacey Health Guide
  • I'm sitting here panting, sipping on a glass of ice water as if I've been lost in the desert for months - the downside of testing out that dusty treadmill sitting in mine and my mother's living room.


    It's true that treadmills don't sound too appealing, but I started out aiming for only a fourth of a mile while listening to music - The Clash's 'Should I Stay or Should I Go', which for me personally is a wonderful song to walk to. The tone of it is subtly angry, but that little push of anger gives me fire and encourages me to continue.


    Walking inside the house can be done without a treadmill, however. Considering the weather as it is in some places (it's snowing in my neck of the woods), walking outside is near impossible for many, and if you're like me and you depended on the great outdoors to inspire weight loss, you might be feeling pretty stuck!

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    I have taken it upon myself to improvise, and with or without a treadmill, exercising in the house without having to do something overly strenuous (especially for those who have back pain like I do) is very possible. And productive!


    In fact, much to my mother's surprise, I recently cleaned the kitchen and the living room both. ...Okay, so 'recently' would be perhaps a week ago, but hey, I'm trying. Anyway, cleaning isn't the best type of exercise because it isn't incredibly strenuous, but when you can't go outside and your back makes it difficult to do much else, cleaning is a very good option. Especially the cleaning-in-the-crooks that you do very rarely - dusting away spiderwebs, scrubbing the walls, cleaning underneath sofas/ovens. If you can't go outside and you don't have a treadmill, do some tough cleaning!


    If you don't have one already but you have the money, invest in an i-pod, mp3 player or a CD player you can attach to yourself or slip into your pocket. This makes what could be a boring, repetitive stroll around the house much more interesting.


    If all else fails, bring your animals in from the cold and play with them! Anything to keep yourself active in this cold weather - that's the key here. Find a way to stay active, no matter what - this is one of the most difficult daily habits to develop, but the easiest to lose.

Published On: January 08, 2010