Feeling Confident When You Are Obese

Kimberly Cacey Health Guide
  • Some people, both overweight, underweight, or ideal, just plain struggle with feeling good about themselves. It doesn't matter how pretty you are, how ugly you *think* you are, or how lazy/active you might be.

    Sometimes having confidence is just... difficult.

    When your confidence falters, your motivation and inspiration falters. What do you do when you're about to give up? What if you already have? When life is throwing so many lemons at you that it's beginning to knock you out and give you concussions/permanent brain damage, what the heck can you do?

    It's so easy to sit and suffer in silence, or even suffer loudly, annoying all of those around you. Maybe you're depressed, maybe you have chronic back pain (something I suffer from and complain quite loudly about!), or maybe you're just... tired. Tired of the same ol', same ol'.

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    When life is filled with routines, life gets boring. Being bored can lead to overeating, which can lead to depression, which can lead to a total and complete lackluster view on your own life. It can lead to faltering in your routines, gaining a lack of responsibility and total and complete laziness.

    What a lot of people seem to lack, more and more often, is passion.  It is as simple as that. So how do you get passion, inspiration, and motivation back?

    For some, motivation can come from the simple idea of how different you are going to look when you lose weight. You simply can't wait to 'wow' everyone. But losing weight is, unfortunately, a necessarily slow, tiring process. That 'wow' factor is not going to come immediately, and no time soon, if you're losing weight healthily.

    I don't have all of the answers, but I do have an idea that has worked for me: do something radical with yourself. Think outside the box. I have had the one single hair color and style all nineteen years of my life, and now it's time to change. I'm going with orange highlights to contrast my naturally auburn red hair, and getting a layered, straightened hair style.

    A change like this is a big deal for me - it's radical, and it's huge, and it's more or less a complete and total makeover. It inspires me to go out and get my life back - it gives me passion, period. It's going to 'wow' people, both good and bad, and while people focus on how different I look with my new hair, I'm going to focus on my weight loss.

    You don't have to do something quite as drastic, but do *something* if you feel less than inspired. Buy a new, trendy outfit, get your nails done in daring colors, buy cute jewelry and color-coordinate it with your clothes and create your own personal style. Do you usually wear pants? Start going out in ankle-length skirts! Anything to change up your routine and bring a bit of inspiration, passion and enjoyment back into your life.

Published On: March 11, 2010